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Why Entrepreneurship Is A Spiritual Expression Of Freedom

Your inner nature is freedom and boundless. Entrepreneurship is all about evolving and living that expression of freedom that is deep within your True Self. Your Infinite Self.

I never decided to be an entrepreneur. I’m not sure anyone decides a thing like this. Like you didn’t decide to be a male or female. You just are. For me, entrepreneurship and freedom are synonymous. They are a very spiritual aspect of my life.

Expressing freedom

I believe that my universal nature is freedom. The spirit is free from everything. Without limit. Isn’t that the way an infinite being is? Infinity by nature is limitless. And the way I express this part of myself is through entrepreneurship.

Right now, as I drove to this coffee shop, to write this blog, I appreciated my freedom very consciously. It felt absolutely wonderful to just pick up my bag and go. Every day, I wake up, do what I want, eat when I want, buy what I want, hang out with who I want, go out when I want, and sleep in when I want. No one owns any part of me and that is the spiritual freedom I must have.

Since quitting my job and going full-time on my own only 4 months ago, I have begun to get used to it. I almost forget sometimes how free I am. However, it feels really good to remember that I am actually doing something incredible. It takes an outside person to say, “Woah, you live in Thailand living off your own online businesses? Holy shit, you are the boss.”

That’s when it kind of hits me. My life has become pretty unconventional and I am only 24. Even writing this I am getting goosebumps. Not in a bragging way, but in an exemplary way. You can do this too – why do you think I am writing and sharing this with you? I’m already here and I want you to join me. That’s why I also wrote about the 5 Words Of Digital Freedom.

I think freedom is the most important aspect of my life right now. It’s what I am practicing as I learn how to create with my universal power. I am always practicing appreciation for my freedom and I believe it compounds in itself. It’s an upward spiral of liberating gratitude.


Doubt happens

Sometimes I think about getting a job or what will happen if everything fails. Those thoughts don’t sit well in my stomach. That’s a pretty clear indication that my Source is not focused on those outcomes. Source is thinking about my perpetually more awesome freedom.

When I think about flying around the world, visiting new places, eating healthy food, doing adventure sports, and living life to the fullest, I feel really good. Clearly, this is where Source is focused and where I should stay focused too. I’m so glad there are times of clarity like this.

Doubt is healthy sometimes, but can be extremely dangerous to a genuine manifestation. Tread carefully with your self-doubt.

It’s time to focus

Freedom is my primary focus right now. I can see my limitations in many ways, although I do not linger on them long. Right now I can’t necessarily fly anywhere on a whim, I can’t eat at any restaurant, and I can’t buy the next gadget. But I am content with where I am. I search for the freedom that I do currently have – like buying a coffee or going to the movies. My goals for 2014 and beyond are to create a more consistent income from Mac Dojo and then explore my passion projects like Meditation for Entrepreneurs and a few other secret projects… and, of course, work anytime I want.

Above all I will be focusing on appreciating the freedom I do currently have. That is the vibration I want to have, then what easier way than to appreciate it while it’s here. There are no limits to the future and I plan on creating an infinite life in 2014. Nothing can stop me from this except me – and I’m cool with that.

Let’s do this.


PS. Leave a comment about your own goals of freedom and most importantly, what freedoms are you grateful for right now?

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