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Stop Looking And See

I recently wrote an inspired status update on my Facebook page. Very much in the style of the Tao Te Ching.

“If you stop looking, you will begin to see.”

I think those words are very profound. They came from a place deep within. Not within me. But within you. From within us. The only one of us.

The world has so many things to see, hear, smell, touch, and taste. Your senses are constantly overwhelming you with information. That information is the painting of God. The painting of you. It’s just as if you were using a trillion paint brushes all around you to create a panorama of exactly what your creativity wished.


Can you imagine how incredible that is? You are doing that, right now. You are a divine artist, constantly smearing paint over the canvas of your consciousness.

However, what are you really seeing? What do you see right now? Are you looking at the surface, or are you seeing deeper.

Many people look without seeing

This painting is a reflection of you. It is nothing less than your infinite creative power overflowing into every single instant you are focused in this world. A reflection that tells you everything about yourself. All your fears and loves. All your doubts and triumphs. Your life is your own open book.

What do you see though? What do you attribute your external surroundings to? Is it chance? Happenstance? Randomness? Some other external event? Anything and everything except for yourself?

That guy who cut you off in traffic?

That random billboard with a quote that spoke to a situation you were dealing with?

The pain in shoulders? The addictions you cling to?

Those lyrics that you “happened” to catch that seemed as if they were speaking just to you?

The flower that distracts you from that destructive train of thought?

What experiences are you looking at without seeing their deeper meaning?

It’s just you

There’s so much information coming at you. Attracted to you. All of theses experiences are your infinite self creating in order to keep the show going. You exist for this. I can not stress how fucking brilliant this is. Stop looking at nothing and start seeing everything.

Start seeing you talking, whispering, communicating with you.

Stop disregarding yourself. Take responsibility for being all-powerful. Stop letting those bits of magical information you are giving to yourself mean nothing. Do not belittle and ignore the divine teacher that you are to yourself. You are walking amongst your own lessons.

You are always speaking to yourself, whispering, encouraging, uplifting, waiting for you to see.

Just see. You want to see so badly.

It’s just you and you. One. Watching itself. If only these words could bless you into seeing how magnificent that is. How magnificent you are.


Your infinite secretary

Imagine you had a secretary that constantly texted you hints. She told you when to avoid traffic jams. She hinted you to buy that valuable stock. She urged you to just call that person. She passed you an article that inspired you. She gave you random gifts. She bought you a box of fortune cookies (hell yeah!). She left you reminders all the time.

Imagine that. Well, it’s already happening. Your divine secretary is always doing this. You are looking at this happening in every beautiful instant that graces your senses. She is always looking out for you. The best part is that she’s unconditionally loving. And she’s sort of infinite. She’s everywhere at once – just for you. She almost knows you better than you do.

I would give her a raise.

Be friends with your secretary. Be friends with yourself. She really wants you to begin seeing her help. When you start to see it, you will notice it more and more. And it only makes the entire show way funner.

I wish I could show you, but I can not. Only you can. Only you can see yourself. Only you can help yourself. It’s just your brilliant self.

I love you so much.


Img source:
Man painting universe by BadBugs –
Universal Child by Josephine Wall –