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The Process Is The Result

The process is the result.

Woah, did you hear that?

The process is the result.

WOW! I feel like my brain just exploded. That was powerful.

Okay, i’ll do my best to describe the profound depth of this simple phrase.

The process is why. Why are you here? This. Why is there time? This.

Why is there an illusion of distance between two points in time?

Because the journey of moving from one point to another is AMAZING.

The process is the most beautiful. That’s ALL THERE IS! Because the next point of time or space is just another expression of the process.

Every destination is but another beginning.

Results and outcomes are not what’s happening.

Flow and movement are what’s happening.

The universe has no end goal. How could it? End? What end?


Can you see this? Can you see how backwards conventional thinking is when we associate goals and outcomes to success and happiness?

As if we will live happily ever after because we attained some sort of result.




The process is the result.

Let’s get practical though.

How can you use this in your life?

It’s simple. Stop reaching for end results and start enjoying the process. I promise results will follow.

You know why? Because the results are simply part of the flow. Part of the process.

But if you don’t enjoy the process and you don’t give any attention to HOW it happens, then you are missing the entire picture.

It’s how you cook your food.

You cook with love because it’s fun, then it will taste that much better.

It’s how you write a book.

You write with enthusiasm and excitement every day because you’re a writer and it feels good, then your book becomes a best seller.

It’s how you take a shower.

You shower with gentle love for your skin and body, then you will glow brighter.

It’s how you do your work.

You put joy and pride in your work while you are doing it, then results and praise are automatic.

It’s how you talk with people.

You talk with people because you’re genuinely interested in their perspective, then meaningful friendships bloom like flowers in spring.

It’s how you make love.

You move slowly and gently, exploring every inch of their body, building anticipation, which makes the end that much more fantastic.

You do things because DOING them is exhilarating, exciting, enthralling, entertaining, and MORE words that start with E.

You do things for the sake of doing them and the results will flow easily.

It’s not always easy

However, I agree, that some circumstances are definitely more difficult to apply this idea, but you can always change your perspective. And the moment you do… life becomes that much easier.

What!? I need to clean this dirty bathroom? That’s the opposite of exciting…

With the power of your mind, you can shift this perspective in 1 second and make it exciting. It’s your choice.

You may work with goals in your mind, but do not forget that the true goal is actually the act of working towards that goal.

The most incredible results are hidden in the process.

God’s ecstasy is dance, movement, expansion.

Enjoy the process as God does and you will create as God does.

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