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I stumbled upon a lost book I began writing in 2010

I was just browsing through some really old folders in my dropbox and I found this word document of a book I had begun writing 3 years ago. So here’s the first chapter. I just re-read it and am absolutely stunned that I wrote this lol.

I completely forgot about it until now. It’s untouched and and unedited, so be kind. I literally copy and pasted it here for you. Enjoy and let me know what you think. :)

Chapter 1: Green Eyes

The surrounding air held a luminous blue tint of the foreign sun. Every breath was new and refreshing, as if magic were flowing through me. Sweetness permeated my nostrils with an ever new aroma upon each inhale. Where was I again? Have I died and awoke in heaven?

Gathering my bearings, I looked down to see my iPhone gently holding my hand up, as if it were in recent use, yet I remember nothing of the past few minutes, hours, or even days. Complete awe left my awareness dazed, until it began to expand upon the environment around me. My feet intruded on a patch of violet flowers that had beauty I could not fathom. My sight slowly rose as I began to tremble with so many feelings of wonder, joy, and even a hint of fear. Beside me were pillars of bark and moss that skyrocketed upwards becoming lost in a collage of jade, cobalt, and golden foliage. I now knew the source of the stunning blue surrounding me, it was the sun, I think? Since when was the sun blue I wondered?

Standing amongst this new world, I began to move. Where I was going didn’t really matter, because every scene I came to was more striking than the previous. New sounds of creatures far off, and ones too close, bombarded my ears. All of them new and exciting, I wanted to listen forever. It was as if I had never heard anything in my life until now. Was this life or was this death I asked myself? Surely I would have known if I died. I was breathing, rather happily this magical air, so I must still be alive.

My Maps didn’t work and clearly there was no service out here, so my phone was next to useless. I cursed the coverage and slipped it away. Other than my phone, all I had was the typical mechanical pencil I carry around in my left pocket. Maybe I could use its sharp end for hunting fruits and vegetables, I joked to myself, about my vegetarian diet.

I ventured through the forest, climbing over fallen giants whose corpses has become over run by those unique purples flowers, which seemed to be growing everywhere, and shifting to and fro when I glanced away. My feet stood still as a glowing orange pair of wings floated towards me. It looked close enough like a butterfly for me to instinctively hold out my hand for it to rest on. Luminous as it was, when it touched my skin, its wings changed colors a hundred times a second and grew very bright. I thought it was going to explode with energy right in my face, but instead it gently lifted off and the breeze carried it away. Opening my eyes again I could see its wings had grown and shifted into a more yellowish tint. To my surprise, my hand was slightly glowing with orange; I tried to wipe it off but there was nothing to wipe, as if my skin absorbed its luminosity. After considering it, I was glad to have a new flashlight incase the local cerulean star decided to set.

An hour passed, or so I thought, wandering to and fro, exploring the vast forest around me. Eventually my eyes pierced through the edges of the tree line. There was a pool of something, a vast glimmering liquid reflecting through the trees. I found myself drawn towards it with new wonder. What else does this world have to offer? Breaking through the woods and into the open air felt incredible. I could finally see the immense sky with clarity. It seemed to be dusk, though the day felt it had drawn on for so very long, because I thought it was dusk a long time ago. With clear spectacle, I gazed upon the nearby star, looking directly into its depts. My eyes feasted on its light, intertwined with joy and peace I felt its rays cleanse my body and pierce my spirit. It was much larger than the sun I was used to, even making a full moon look small. Like humpty on his wall, it sat on the horizon, unmoving. Eyes relaxed, my gaze drifted down towards the surrounding landscape. Then I saw her.

A girl, sitting on the ground near the lakes shore. I was looking at her from the side, about twenty meters away. Either her soft skin was radiating, or her beauty simply deceived me, but I was awe struck either way. She hadn’t seen me yet, and I frantically began thinking about what I was supposed to say. “Hi, I am an alien visitor from this blue dot called Earth, you know the place right? Ha ha.” Maybe this was still earth; I certainly wouldn’t know. God help me.

I approached quietly. Her eyes were closed and she sat perfectly still, as if meditating. Hey I meditate a lot too, maybe that would be good conversation material, a better ice breaker than “Take me to your leader!” Either she didn’t notice my loud steps or she was ignoring me. I wish I could focus that deeply I thought. I sat down nearby and closed my eyes too. Many emotions began to reveal themselves on me, nervous about my situation, worried about my back story, and still joy and peace were raining on me. It was very easy to meditate and time drifted unnoticed before I opened my eyes again. To my surprise and dismay, she had gone. How the hell did she sneak away without me hearing. Stiffness was still a vivid reality in this world, so I got up to stretch. The lake offered me a refreshing sip of something; I was still unsure of what it was. Smooth and with a touch of minty sweetness, the liquid quickly quenched my thirst. I turned around and began to depart, to find this beautiful ghost who escaped me. So I continued down the shore line.

“Wait!” A feminine voice echoed behind me.

I turned to look for its source. I saw nothing.

“Where are you?” I called back.

“I like watching you.” She said, from nowhere and everywhere.

“And I, like to see as well. Come out please.” I implored.

“You are a stranger, and a funny one too.” She chided. “I knew you were next to me the whole time.”

“Okay fine, I’ll give you that, I am not so sneaky, let’s try it again then.” I replied.


I sat down where I stood, crossed my legs, and closed my eyes. Listening carefully, all I could make out were the distant calls of creatures unknown, deep within the forest. The surrounding silence would surely make this a simple task, because now I was paying acute attention to every movement near me. Deep in focus, my face contorted and I moved my head back and forth, scanning for her. The only thing I heard was a giggle directly in front of me. My eyes flashed open to reveal something more entrancing than the blue sun; it was her little smile, gentle face, and large green eyes, behind from which it seemed I could see the glow of the entire universe. Silky auburn hair draped down just below her shoulders, it was pulled back, with bangs left dangling to frame her cheerful expression.


“That’s impressive.” I said, lips parted in awe.

“I think you must be lost.” She laughed. “The wind tells me it has not carried you here.”

“Nope, I can’t find any airline ticket or passport on me. I have no identity!”

“I do not know these things. But I know your identity. It is good.” She looked at my hand and added. “The Color-Echoes of the forest agree. One has put a gift in your hand. Use it wisely.”

“That little light bomb nearly blew up in my face too.” I said.

“It was only reading your energy. They are harmless.” She smiled and raised up to her feet.

“Hey wait!” I got up to follow. “Where are you off to so fast?”

“The Elders would savor in knowing of a new friend, if they do not already behold your noisy presence.”

“No one knows I am here except you.” I replied. “And what is your name anyways?”

She stopped in her tracks, spun on her bare feet and ran up to me. Excitedly she spoke, “You request my name in honesty and sincerity? This is a most wonderful moment! Will you cherish this divinity with me?”

Confused and overwhelmed with her excitement I had no time to think.

“Yes, I sincerely would like to know your name and in return I will give you my name.”

Her innocent smile washed over me.

“Lyla.” Her lips moved.

I then gave her my name.

She took my hands and put them together as if in prayer between her own hands and closed her eyes to completely absorb every pleasure of the moment. I followed suit, closed my eyes, and let my gaze lift where I normally kept it during meditation practice, fixed at the point above and between my eyebrows. Thoughts troubled me a little, but time completely gave up, which was not something I had ever experienced before. With the absence of Father Time began, I was dragged deep into a place of complete peace. I could feel that Lyla was here too, somewhere, a softness in the light. May I stay forever? I guess not. Reality, or un-reality I should say returned and my body was pulled by her hand.

“Come now, we must gather in front of the Elders. They will be joyous!” She said.

“What just happened?” I thought out loud with a brilliant smile on my face.

“That was a glimpse of beginnings.” Was all she said.

“I would like to begin more often!” I affirmed.


Chapter II


The same looking bugger I saw earlier in the forest floated by on astral wings of


I hoped you liked it. I’m pretty curious what happens next. Should I continue writing it?


Blue Sun Image Source: Deviant Art