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The Speed of Infinity

How could I have ever doubted how fast the Universe can deliver exactly what I want?

Wanting is the automatic step of creation. Desires are born from simply living life. Things happen and you either want less of them or more of them. It’s pretty simple.

Then, the universe collects those desires and shouts, “Yes! You deserve them.” You deserve all of it, because you already are all of it. And that larger part of you wants you to experience it’s own magnificence. Your own magnificence.

You want to experience yourself don’t you? You’re cool like that.

Faith and trust

Faith is more than a word. More than the baggage attached to it. More than blindness. Faith is in your own infinite potential to be, do, and have anything you wish. That is the highest faith. Having a trust in your own self. However, this is not some blind faith in something outside of yourself to help you based on your merits.

Infinite beings do not count merits, because they are perfect from the get go. Duh!


Trust and action

No, this is about trust in you – because there is nothing outside of your own creation. This can be difficult to wrap your head around, but you are already the entire Universe. You are inside of everything and everything is inside of you.

Taking action naturally is the way that you unfold yourself. Don’t be fooled by misunderstood law of attraction teachings that say you only need to think about good things and have only  positive thoughts in order to create. Those instructions are far too simplistic for your infinite creative ability.

Action at the speed of infinity

The laws are simple, but not always easy. It’s essential that you relax into a trust that you will line up with the right thoughts, which will inevitably lead you to the right actions. Trust me, you will have inspired thoughts.

Warning though – these types of thoughts will not shoot fireworks into the sky or give you divine visions. Inspired thoughts are far more modest. They are hidden and subtle impulses that just carry you away. Do not be fooled into not noticing these light pull on your actions – as they are your universal self guiding you.

As fast as love

Recently, I came into alignment with one of my long sought desires. Right before its manifestation, I was learning to love myself unconditionally. My symptoms included random bouts of laughter, unstoppable smiling, and lot’s of joyous activities. A few days I kept this up and it felt really good. I was completely self loving and almost entirely nonjudgmental about everything in my life towards myself.

And BOOM. Something happened to me way faster than I could have possibly imagined. Like it fell in my lap. It felt right that I did it too. I was aware that I was part of the creation. My part was allowing. The universe’s part was already done. It was given the instant I desired it.

When it happened, I began to see the speed of infinity. The rhythm of which my infinite self works. Time is a mere toy to that self and I am in complete awe at the power of it. The power of my self.

When you experience the speed of infinity, you will experience a rush of your own power to create like a god
The brush stokes of your God-Self will come as fast as you can trust and love your ability to create worlds.

Trust yourself and your outcomes

This speed came because of my letting go of all self defeating thoughts in that particular area of my life. I let go and let God in a sense. I trusted myself as source energy. Then it flowed like a waterfall.

Give yourself a break. Solidify your goals in life and business. Trust that you can do it. Love yourself completely throughout the journey – because it’s all coming at you faster than the blink of an infinite being.

With all of my love,