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Work on your business? No. Work on yourself.

As of lately I’ve been thinking too much about my business and not enough about myself.

Ive mistakenly had it backwards for a while. And it takes practice to keep it in the right order. Me first, and then business will follow suit. Without that inner growth, how can I expect anything else to grow?

There are so many things that I need to do. I have lists of ideas, dreams, visions, and epic products stacked sky high. But they continue to sit there, not checked off, not given any love, but instead continue to gather dust.

In the past month I have seen so clearly how important I am. Much more so than my work. My businesses are just a reflection of me.

I have seen the backwardness of my current work-life flow. I just don’t have the energy to work when I am all scrambled up inside.

So when I feel out of whack in my productivity, I stop business. I focus on myself. I treat myself right. Give myself a break. Give myself permission to not be productive. Yeah, it sounds strange doesn’t it? But trust me, it’ll pay off in the long run.

You have my permission too.

Don’t sweep it under the rug

Sometimes I get all caught up in depression, anxiety, worry, and uncertainty. They are not pleasant – but they are extremely useful. They tell me “WRONG WAY THARYN!”

When this happens, I give myself permission to stop lesser important things (like trying to be productive), and focus on nourishing myself, because I understand the natural progression of energetic creation.

Creation is one big ball of energy. Manifesting what I want is conceptually very easy to understand. I create from within to outside. First is thought, then word, then action, then manifestation in physical reality.

The basic output comes from my energetic position on the emotional scale of fear to love. My physical reality must match my energetic mood or state. It is law.

So, if I spend time working on MacDojo, or writing, when I am in a very low or whacky energetic state, I am creating from a place of complete shit.

Some people are really good at ignoring this aspect of the creative process. You might have done this before. I know I have (too many times to admit). Nothing good ever came from it, or I just simply didn’t get anything done.

I’ve literally sat on my computer for 8 hours with one simple task to do only to avoid it and just not do it because I was not in an energetic state to attract the outcome I really wanted.

Bad mood = I can not meet up with the intended result.
Bad mood = I am not allowing, by law, for the universe to deliver that perfect awesome result.

How to stay energetically productive more often?

This is something I am working on a lot. There is no simple answer or one cure-all for everyone. However, taking a break, getting back into the present moment, and chilling out is a good place to start.

One reason I meditate so often is to stay at a higher energetic level of being. It’s important to set my tone for the day when I meditate in the morning. Also at night, before sleeping. I like to meditate in order to clear off, deal with, contemplate, all of the events of the day. Letting them melt before the stillness of a quiet mind.


Reaching a deep meditative state is the most potent way to do this consistently. Over the past 5 years of my meditation practice, this has been one of the most powerful outcomes – a more regular state of energetic awareness in daily life.

Notice I said awareness not a permanent happy-go-lucky mood. This is key.

Focus on you

Meditation isn’t the only way to practice personal awareness. But do what it takes for you to understand yourself. Notice your state. Do not brush your anxieties and emotions under the rug just because they are painful to deal with. You know that isn’t the solution.

You must observe, accept, and let go of your emotional build up before zooming into your business. At least that’s what has worked for me.

I know many people avoid talking about emotions – as if they have nothing to do with business. What an unfortunate misconception. Your emotions are your creative direction and understanding them not only relieves you of bad moods, but gives you the conscious power to create with the entire universe backing you up.

How do you get into flow, state, or super-productivity mode when working? Leave a comment below. :)