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Dreaming Big in Bangkok

The past few days have been a barrage of inspiration and motivation.

I flew to Bangkok last Friday for an entrepreneurial conference of people like me who work online to create freedom. It’s a great group of people called the Dynamite Circle. Over 200 people from around the world attended (most likely for the open bar). We learned. We partied. We hugged. And we tweeted. It was a blast.

Everyone that I spoke with had an interesting story, a strange niche, and world of dreams ahead. The world is changing drastically, and I can feel it all around me.

Kids don’t take shit anymore

My room mate and newest friend, Tung, inspired the hell out of me. This 19 year old vietnamese kid was making bank online. In fact, he was so inspired during the conference, that he put up a new service on his website over the weekend and made a couple hundred dollars in sales the next day (you can see his website here). Wow, talk about taking action. He’s 5 years younger than me, and I know for sure he’s going to rock it.

Even after the conference, I met two adventure seeking guys. We all met each other at a hostel, NapPark, resting in the middle of Khao San road, which is, by the way, the most touristy place I’ve ever been. It would be more accurately called Little Australia. Anyways, neither of them took kind to conformity and boring living.

Both of them said, screw it, let’s go to Thailand! One guy quit his mind-numbing logging job in Canada and flew one-way to Bangkok to travel and enjoy life. The other guy left his job, wanted to travel, and potentially work from his laptop along the way.

khao san road bangkok
Beautiful picture of Khao San Road – where there are more foreigners than Thai people.

As we maneuvered the street stalls, fortune tellers, and arab suit salesmen, we enjoyed the thrill of being in the middle of chaos instead of behind desks or stacking logs. We spoke of politics, philosophy, and a better future for the younger generation – as good non-conformist adventurers should.


One of the main take away’s from the Dynamite Circle conference was a re-defining of our lifestyle. The DC could be labeled as digital nomads, or lifestyle entrepreneurs, or import/exporters etc, but those labels do not reach into the core of our purpose – freedom.

We live on our terms. It’s the driving force behind almost everything we do. We take full responsibility for our time and money. If we don’t work hard, we don’t get paid. If we waste our time, it’s our fault. Good. I want it that way so that I won’t get too comfortable. Living outside my comfort zone these past four months has caused exponential growth in my life. And it’s all because I began writing the terms for my own life. But that’s not all. Now, I’m reaching for a higher level.


Another big take away, inspired by self-made millionaire James Schramko, was that…

[tweetable]”With great responsibility, comes great power.” -@JamesSchramko[/tweetable]

Yes, re-read that, because he said it backwards from the usual quote. Most of the entrepreneurs in the DC community started by striving for the freedom. The easy and unconventional lifestyle of working from a laptop and traveling the world. Well, James showed us the next step and really opened our eyes.

He warned against the penny-pinching mentality of most “lifestyle entrepreneurs” living in Thailand, asking if we want to worry about the difference between spending $3.00 or $5.00 on some fried rice. Would that really matter if you’re business is bringing in $100,000 a month? In a nonjudgmental way, he nudged us to think bigger – to take on more responsibility.

Explode your contribution

The next thing he said really struck me. He asked us to imagine having to expense $800,000 in salaries a year. At that level, your business is really changing lives. That is true responsibility. That is taking your business to the next level. Taking your life to the next level. Exploding your contribution, reach, responsibility, and therefore power to do even greater things with your life. Things like opening a charitable foundation or buying a gold plated Ferrari. (Either way works.)

Imagine that. Providing salaries to that many people. Sustaining their lives. That’s a pretty cool thought. Over this weekend I have been exposed to a lot of extremely successful people and brilliant entrepreneurial minds and I am excited to skyrocket forward.

Many new seedling ideas have sprouted in my mind and I am excited to begin sharing them with you soon.

The world is changing fast. Conventional jobs are optional. There is a gold rush happening under your nose. It’s called the internet and you have equal access as everyone else. Leave a comment below about how you would contribute if you had the means. :)

More from Bangkok coming soon.


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  • Dan

    yeah buddy!!! great write-up! i love the power/responsibility inversion. we’ve got a lot to work for….

    • I agree. It’s really getting exciting around here. The entrepreneurial revolution marches strong.

  • Ian

    Super cool you met some inspirational people last weekend! Awesome it got you thinking big and wanting more.

  • Great post man! DCBKK definitely got me thinking bigger too.

  • Tung Tran

    Keep hustling man!

    It was awesome to meet you and other people!

    • Tung is the man! Awesome meeting with you too. I’ll see you when I visit Vietnam. :)