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5 Words of Digital Freedom

I am a digital nomad, but I don’t like the title and would never call myself such. Everyone seems to have jumped on the “digital nomad” bandwagon lately. The internet is raging with them – some legitimate and some fake. I don’t really care who calls themselves what, but I am calling myself something else.

My home is in one place – Chiang Mai. There is nothing nomadic about it. I do not work on a beach with a piña colada at my side. The beach is actually a terrible place to work. Sand getting in my keyboard, the sun glaring off my screen, and girls prancing around near-naked sounds like the most anti-productive environment ever.

I think I’m getting so much done.

The lifestyle I choose to live has many more layers. I took a lot of time to think about why I am living this type of lifestyle. Recently while working, I asked myself some deep questions and perhaps came up with some deep answers.

I had to ask, not just who I was, but why I did it? Not just what I did, but who I did it for?

From these questions, I created of a flowing set of words that evolve from one to the next. A progressive description of why I work on my laptop day after day. These are the 5 words of digital freedom.

1. Oneness

My laptop is an extension of my mind and body that enables me to reach infinitely outside of myself.

2. Growth

As I am one, my laptop teaches me anything and everything I wish to know.

3. Creativity

As I grow, my laptop gives me tools to create through writing, art, design, and building value.

4. Voice

As I create, my laptop gives me a voice that millions of people around the world can hear.

5. Freedom

As I contribute to the world, my lifestyle affords me freedom of expression, freedom of choice, freedom to earn, and freedom to create purpose in life.


There is something lacking about the selfish digital nomad life. Not in those who label themselves as such, but in the idea behind the title. There is not enough spirit within it. Not enough purpose.

We are more than nomads

Most of the so-called digital nomads that I’ve met are more than meets the eye. They are not just out to make money, drink piña coladas, and live the “good life” on the beach. The people I have met are a community of freedom seekers. They actively come together and contribute in many ways to helping each other. They have the courage to do what they love on their own terms. They contribute their unique voice and value to the world.

I live a Digital Freedom Lifestyle, not because I travel around Southeast Asia working from a MacBook, but because I combine technology with my passions to actively improve the lives of  people around the world.

Why do you live the lifestyle? Leave a comment below.