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3 Counter Intuitive Principles About Life Most People Don’t Realize

You’re about to bear witness to three universal principles that most people don’t fully realize or understand. They are a bit counterintuitive. You may not want to hear them, but you need to. Grab your security blanket and read on.

1. You don’t have to do anything.

Nope, there’s nothing to do. Will the Earth stop spinning if you don’t do that thing? There is no binding obligation from outside yourself that you need to actually accomplish anything. Isn’t that liberating? I thought so.

Right now, if I wanted to, I could literally disconnect from everything. Go into some tiny village, then live there for the rest of my life. Nothing would come to a halt. The stars will continue rising every night. Not that I want to do this, it’s just a thought experiment. Think about it. You don’t need to do anything.

The universe isn’t holding you accountable for anything. When you were born, you were not assigned some task that you had to fulfill. Life purpose and all that comes from within you are based on your life experiences and desires. You paint meaning across your own life. No one else has the ability to paint for you. Nor can anyone else tell you how to paint it.

Don’t let your life become a paint by number

Nothing in the world needs you to do anything more than you are already doing by simply breathing in and out. Being is it. Everything afterward is just extra.

This is one of the most liberating realizations I’ve ever had. Whenever I am too hard on myself, this realization returns to my mind. And I keep re-learning it as I go through life. It’s a dichotomy that gives me permission to try, fail, and go at my own pace.

When I am able to let go of the weight of having to do too much, then I am allowed to do more. That is the dichotomy. It is being first and doing second.

From that place of being, allowing who you are, without enormous expectations, you are free to act from a place of infinite creativity.

2. Compare without comparing.

Comparing yourself to others is a double-edged sword. Without balance and awareness, you will cut off your ability to consciously create. Feeling out of whack with jealousy about the things that other people have will completely stop your own creative ability.

Comparing yourself to others and then saying that it’s already been done or I could never do that, is a complete misuse of your discretion. Just because it has been done, does not mean that you can not still do it. I find this happening in my own life when I see people who have done the things I want to do. Ideas I thought were original – it turns out someone’s already doing it.

Well, that’s probably true of almost any idea. That doesn’t mean that you should give up on it. If it feels good to you, and you want to do it, then go for it. Forget the competition. Focus on yourself.

Let’s use an example of good health. Does it feel good when you look at someone who is super fit and say, “I could never look that good.” Your inner guidance system, the voice of your higher self, will instantly disagree with this thought, therefore giving you a negative emotion.

Negative example: “Damn, I could never hold a sword as well as Arnold.”

Every negative emotion you feel is an indication that you are not focusing in a direction that will create the future you want. Because you are condemning yourself – you could never look that good – when the broader part of you is instead of thinking, yes, I AM that fit already, and it feels really good.

However, when you look at someone who is successful, and you cheer them on, you feel pretty good. You ride the energetic wave of their success. You take inspiration from their accomplishment. You think to yourself, if they can do it, then so can I. Perhaps you even walk up to them and ask them their success story.

Instead of jealousy, use envy. Envy usually means “resentful longing,” but instead, you can make it an optimistic longing. A motivated longing, knowing that you can achieve what they have achieved. Believing in yourself. Comparing in this way can be extremely empowering.

You must compare without comparing – without judging yourself negatively. One way will cause discord. One way will cause harmony.

3. Stop working. Get more done.

Work smarter, not harder. Be someone who understands their emotional self and how it correlates with personal productivity. Flow is a vibrational state of mood where stuff actually gets done. A lot of stuff, with minimal effort, and incredible results. That is what happens in flow.

However, working outside of flow, on the extremes of exhaustion, can be extremely detrimental to your health and your output. When you plow through work, then you’re likely to have more problems than you solve. It is the nature of the creation based on your emotional vibrational state.

If you do things in a shitty mood, then you will get shitty results.

Shit in. Shit out. Yeah, the law of attraction is that simple.

If you are in a negative state, then step back from your work. Do not plow through it. Find your center again. Then come back and finish, with grace, ease, and a fresh point of view. You will solve problems 100x easier and get things done way faster.

There is literally nothing more important than feeling good in the present moment. Nothing is more important to creating the future experience of your desires than feeling good right now. That includes the work you are creating at this moment.

Nothing is more important. Stop. Chill out. Feel good. Come back. Work faster. Work better. Be happier.

In summary.

Just relax and do things at your own pace. The sun rises each morning without rushing.

Watch out for negative comparing and judging others or yourself. Instead, use their success to motivate you forward to where you want to be.

Ideally, work from a place of flow. A place of being one with the task, in order to get phenomenal results. Avoid working when you’re stressed and feeling down.

You may not have wanted to hear them, but hey, there they are. I hope that you can benefit from these guidelines. Leave a comment below about a time when you found yourself in one of these dichotomies and how you dealt with it. :)

Love and light,