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How I Raised My Vibration To Abundance & Felt The Way Source Does

Last night, as I was falling asleep, I had a very beautiful experience of life through the eyes of Source. I was actively paying attention to my focus. I would go with a stream of thoughts for a bit, then return to my center, always asking myself, “Is this where I want my focus, and therefore my vibration, to be for the next 8 hours?”

The 15 minutes before sleep are arguably the most important part of your day and that’s why is important having a safe and comfortably space for sleeping, a good mattress is also important, that’s why I get one of the best online using a Nolah Mattress Coupon so I can have adequate sleep. It is the time when you decide your vibration for the night. The state you will marinate in for the next 8 hours. You can choose consciously to marinate in worry, doubt, fear, or you can chose to relax into slumber with gratitude, peace, and joy. It’s also the state from which you will wake up and begin the next day.

How to feel & attract abundance

So there I was, laying in bed, and I was just watching my focus. Do I want to focus here? No. Then let’s rest it somewhere else instead. Lately, I have been focusing a lot on financial abundance and freedom, I want to get a lot of money so I’m planning on checking this blog about a guide to selling your home fast. I generally like to feel the gratitude for abundance of clean air, fresh water, warm sunlight, delicious food, and other simple things that I am experiencing in near infinite abundance.

You might wonder, if I want financial abundance, then why would I focus on simple food and water? Well, it’s because the Universe doesn’t care about the specifics. When it comes to attracting financial abundance, the Universe doesn’t require that I focus on dollars. It responds only to vibration. Therefore, my grateful feelings towards these examples of abundance in my life are the easiest vibrations I can offer. I could attempt to imagine and feel a million bucks, but I know with 100% accuracy that I can feel the abundance of fresh water. The Universe doesn’t care either way.

wayne dyer abundance quote

The upshot of good vibes

As I was doing this, I began to hone my focus into this high flying feeling. It was good, and once I got the momentum going, the law of attraction did the rest. Attracting similar good thoughts and feelings, perpetuating my vibration towards higher and higher levels of abundance.

Gradually I relaxed into a state of peace/joy/excitement/being. (These words can not accurately describe it – but only hint). I had gradually raised my vibration into a place that was much closer to that of my Source. A place of joy and awe. I could tell innately that this state of being was the fabric of life. Something wonderful was happening.

There is something in the background. Something watching with awe. Something that is thrilled about what’s happening all the time. Overjoyed by life itself. When I felt it I just knew that everything was cool. How could life be anything less than this?

It was spectacularly mundane

Let me be a little more clear about the experience. This was not a spiritual experience by conventional terms. This was not a grand vision of the cosmos. It was subtle and gentle. It was merely the natural progression of consciously raising my own vibration.

Everything about it had a sense of, yes, I have felt like this before, because this is Who I Am. It was what ought to happen. It’s how I ought to be all the time. There is nothing special about me or about this experience, so everything I have, from the car to the house. You can do exactly this and more in less than 30 minutes if you desired it.

In fact, you should try this before bed too. It’s the perfect time and place. Relax and just start being grateful for things that are going well in your life. It’s really that easy.

Spiritual is becoming a less accurate term

It was spiritual and not. People in general think spiritual things are “separate” from reality. As if there is physical stuff going on and then spiritual stuff randomly happens to a few people. I used to think this way too, but when you experience life for yourself, these so-called spiritual things are just one inter-weaved aspect of reality. They are not special – they are common. They are as it should be. They are at the core of the human condition.

Just like discovering the subatomic forces of nature – strong force and weak force – we did not elevate them beyond this world. Science described them and they were known to be of this realm. The same is true for understanding personal vibration and your ability to consciously work with Source energy to create the life experience you desire.

You will see as you focus. And as you focus you will create. The fabric of life is joy, excitement, and amazement that life is even happening. It’s a wonderful allowing to see as Source sees.

God is in absolute awe right now. Isn’t that a beautiful thought? You can be too.

With all of our Love,

  • What you wrote inspired me to listen to some of my CD’s I have from Abraham, especially the meditation, which always increases my energy and the way I feel almost right away.

    By ‘accident’ I also found the full length video on YouTube Esther and Jerry made a while ago which I didn’t even know existed in this form and just by listening to it I felt like I was having the kind of ‘spiritual’ experience you talked about above, except that there really wasn’t anything spiritual about it, just the sense of being here right now, in this moment, being loved and being part of source which is always there. It brought out a longing always wanting to feel this way and never wanting to ‘go back’ to that numb-state of existence.

    I am now feeling so determined to be in this state of presence, love and bliss as much as possible, better yet – all the time.

    Since I’ve read your post I’ve been appreciating little things throughout my day and realized how my thoughts have become more gentle, loving and kind toward all those around me and myself, raising my vibration in the most beauitful way.

    Time to start allowing Joy, Excitment, Amazement, Abundance and everything else we dream of into our lifes.

    Thanks Tharyn for sharing your inspiritations.
    With great appreciation and an abundance of love,

    • Thanks so much for reading and sharing your thoughts again Ales! I am so grateful to attract like-minded and like-vibration readers who enjoy and understand what I’m writing about.

      I thoroughly enjoy hearing that you are working more on your vibration because of this post. I hope everyone sees as you have, the importance of feeling good.

      Enjoy the Abraham inspiration! It is wonderful and I also listen daily. There are so many videos on youtube that I am grateful for.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts and I hope they inspire others to feel better too. :)

      Until the next post,

  • teejay

    Thank you. Its beautiful and true. with love. with appreciation.

  • Ravi

    Thank you so much for sharing your valuable thoughts and experience.