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Life’s Real Currency And How You Can Change The World With It

Everything is a pitch

Every idea everyone has ever told you is a sales pitch. They may not be asking for money, but they are looking for an even more valuable currency: attention.

Whether you seek the attention of your friends on Facebook, your family members at the dinner table, your classmates in school, or your own online audience, attention is key.

Attention is the currency of the universe. Wherever it goes, energy flows. Every single person is a conscious observer brimming with life energy.

You may think this is very meta. You’re right. Regardless of how meta this is, I will tell you that the awareness of the deeper understanding of things will give you an advantage in relationships, business, life, and success. So pay attention. ;)

Energy is the real currency

Everyone on the internet is shouting about themselves, looking for energy. That energy is the flow of engagement and interaction with other people. When others focus on you, they take the first step towards possibly engaging. If you’re lucky, then they engage, by commenting, liking, clicking, reading, submitting, etc.

Gaining attention requires responsibility

If you garner enough attention, you must be responsible for it. You have the collected focus of many people, who easily give you their attention on a regular basis. Famous people, thought leaders, political puppets, singers, authors, actresses, and Conan O’Brien all have sway over a lot of energy.

I just love Conan, so I had to mention him. He gets a lot of my attention.
I just love Conan, so I had to mention him. He gets a lot of my attention.

In other terms, you might call it power, which is correct. These people have a lot of power. Power in the form of multitudes of flowing consciousness. Regardless of the number of people whom you have their attention to, you must be responsible.

It is your duty as an influencer to feed good quality information to your audience.

“With great power comes great responsibility.” Voltaire

To lie, manipulate, misguide, or otherwise abuse your audience’s attention, you will directly hurt your own power. It is such a short-term gain, for long-term bleeding.

Trying to sell expensive snake oil to your email list by telling them you endorse it is an example of this. A mistruth in any way will be detrimental to your own success.

Click here now to buy snake oil which will solve all your problems, like it did mine...
Click here now to buy snake oil which will solve all your problems, like it did mine…

Just look throughout history. All those who abused their power, either blatantly, or covertly, were eventually uncovered, defrauded, and destroyed. If you follow this path too, whether online or offline, your reputation will suffer greatly.

Genuine pitching

Most people are doing just fine with their audiences. You are probably doing just fine, offering high-quality content, genuine interest, and a helpful hand to others. I would call this genuine pitching.

You are pitching valuable messages to attract attention and improve lives. Content marketing is a lot like this. Offering lots of great free content, gaining trust, and then offering paid services.

In fact, I will go as far as to say, that if you have a beautiful product, amazing service, or extremely valuable skill to share, then it is your duty to get people to pay you attention. If you’re solving real-world problems, get out there and shout louder.

We do this by learning copywriting, social psychology, and marketing techniques. All of these are great tools for genuine and responsible influencers.

I am always pitching

I will be the first to admit using everything I’ve learned working at my previous company, Mindvalley, which is really good at marketing. I constantly use these techniques and ideas to pitch to people. In every aspect of my life, I am pitching.

You will see on my blog, how I write, how I act, and how I give. I am always pitching you.

Pitching you to realize who you are.
Pitching you to become a better person.
Pitching you inspiration when you need a lift.
Pitching you to take wise action.
Pitching you good ideas for business.
Pitching your funny videos to brighten your day.
Pitching you to help others.
Pitching you to improve the world.

If my pitch works and touches a single life, then I succeeded. Then, I will use every possible pitch and sales technique to my advantage to improve the world.

You should too

Every single person has value to add to the world. You have value and you have experiences that people could relate to. I have no doubt about that. I would say it’s your duty to identify how you can help others and then learn how to masterfully attract their attention. Why not give it a try? Here are some easy ways you can start today:

  • Write a blog. I want to read it.
  • Share more insightful social media updates.
  • Teach your friends and family something you’re really good at.
  • Overall, solve problems.

I look forward to giving you some real currency – my attention. :)

Leave your thoughts on how you could contribute to people’s positive attention in the comments below.