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Speaking Your Truth

Why Speaking Your Truth is Magically Creative


Words are powerful. They are like magical spells. Your words are symbols that carry an agreed upon idea, emotion, or thing attached to it. Each spell, or word, you speak or think summons that attached symbol into your experience.

You are thinking of puppies licking your face.

Speaking Your Truth

I just used a spell on you. Literally. I have summoned into your experience exactly the symbols that I have written above: “You are thinking of puppies licking your face.”

And so you are… instantly!

Do not take for granted the fact that you can summon forth any known idea, emotion, or thing into your minds eye within the instant you say or read words to yourself. This is where all your magic is.

Why do you think authors of great books are so successful? They are magicians in the greatest sense of the word. Conjuring epic complex spells of the most amazing stories and delivering them directly into your minds eye. Brilliant! This is indeed magic.

Why speak truth?

Your words are extremely powerful. Your magic is unlimited. If you think a great deal about anything, you will attract the essence of that word or thought into your experience. This is known as the Law of Attraction.

When you exercise your words in a positive way that is in alignment with reality, they grow stronger. That means when you speak the truth, you are expressing what actually is. You will generally feel very good about speaking truth and this is your most natural state.

Try telling a lie though. Most normal people will feel a tug at their heart the very instant they speak less than the truth. And an ever greater pull when they speak an outright lie.

Every untruth weakens your magic

Every time you speak a lie, you are programming yourself that your words are not true. Your words are less than what is. In this, you weaken your magic. Then, when your magic is weak, you will try to use your words to summon something you really want into your experience. But you may doubt yourself, because you don’t speak the truth, so how can this be true?

Then be true

When you do speak the truth all the time, you are in alignment with Life. What actually is. Then you can say to yourself, “I am a millionaire.” or “I am in love.” with very strong power behind your words. Inevitably the universe will actually shape itself into your newly expressed truth, because it knows and you know that you always speak the truth.

What if I’m not actually a millionaire?

It doesn’t matter. When you begin to understand and believe in your unlimited and infinitely creative self, then you will understand why positive affirmations are just a preview of truth to come, even if they are not true at this point in time.

Speak truth in all that you do and the magic of your words will become so strong that you will be able to create any experience you choose. That’s how incredible your magic is.

“Truth alone will endure; all the rest will be swept away before the tide of time.”

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