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Meditation Bowl Tharyn

Our Experience with the Singing Bowl

Today during group meditation we used the singing bowl for the second time. I have always enjoyed playing with the bowl, but never really used it while in deep meditation for myself.

The results were amazing. Everyone loved it.

I began the meditation with a few deep breathes and a five minute body relaxation. This included a wonderful neck and shoulder massage with the attention.

I nearly always tell the group to pay special attention to this area because we accumulate a lot of tension here while using computers and keyboard all day.

Then we sang.

Meditation Bowl Tharyn

After a few moments of peace, I began playing the singing bowl. Vibrations flowed instantly into the room. Energy speaking through the edge of the bowl. Speaking directly to our souls. Inviting us deeper and deeper into the ring.

We take our time in silence afterwards. Reflecting on our being. On our individual notes in the symphony of the Universe.

The feedback was incredible and I am overjoyed to have participated in such an experience. I thank those around me. I thank the Universe.