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5 Insights to Gain from Trees with Meditation

Meditation on Trees

This quick blog doubles as an actual meditation you can use while in nature. You could go find a beautiful old tree and sit so that you can see most of it. Then proceed to focus on each of the five insights below. Enjoy!

Tree Meditation by Tharyn

Be grounded

The tree is an immovable object. It’s sturdy where it is. Sturdy in life. Held up by an intricate root system that extends silently into the Earth. You are like the tree in your own life. Your root system extends outwards as all of the supportive people in your life. Your family, friends, and everyone and everything in your life that helps you reach your goals.

Look at the tree. Feel that you are immovable and centered in your goals and passions. You are supported by those you love to achieve all of your desires, just as the Earth supports the tree. You are grounded and stable like the tree.

Be flexible

While the tree does not move, it is still flexible. It flows in the wind, moving with the current of life around it. You are flowing too. You dance with the winds of life when it storms and you sway lightly when it is calm.

You know, as the tree does, when to stand your ground and when to give. Leaning gently when the feelings of others clash against your immovable resolve. Giving a little without giving everything. Solving the problems of life in creative ways. You are like the flowing tree.

Be patient

This tree infront of you is not in a hurry. There is nothing to hurry for. You are like the tree. You are patient and trusting in the energy of life. All those things necessary for your well-being will find their way to you. Even as the light from the sun travels across space to the tree, so too will perfect circumstances find you.

You will grow over the years, just as the branches of the tree span out through time. Your mark on the world will expand as the shade of your loving presence grows with each new leaf of experience. Be patient and trust as the tree does.

Be unique

The tree grows in the most elegant patterns. It’s branches reach towards every new horizon. You are like the unique shape of the tree. You are unique. No other tree is shaped like you. No other person is shaped like you. The branches of your experiences match no other. Be inspired by the fact that the entire universe grows larger because of you.


The tree does nothing in peticular. It just is. Life around it nurtures it into life itself. You are in a state of allowing, just as the tree is. You do things, but you also allow things to happen to you. You are open to new lanscapes and scenery, just as the tree is. Swaying and trusting, you allow yourself to be. You are like the tree.

If you enjoyed this exercise then perhaps I will create a guided meditation audio for you. Comment below and share with friends if you would like that. =]