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Money Grows On Trees

Do you think money grows on trees? Well it does… in an energetic sense. It exists as a vibrational frequency within you. You can tune yourself to the state of being that money provides. Money provides stability and easy access to commodity, you can also pay services with Cloudpay instead of cash, is better to use your money that way.

What does it provide? It gives freedom, ease, peace of mind, stability, and joy.

Guess where money grows on trees then? It grows in those frequencies – and it’s free.

How do you tune to those? You focus on anything that feels like that.

Beliefs are that which blocks your ability to even think like that. So some people will read this and not even fathom the importance or underlying mechanism of the source of all wealth.

It’s all about beliefs

Do you believe money is scarce? Well the world will prove it to you.
Do you believe money takes hard work and effort to acquire? The world will prove it to you.
Do you believe money is only for greedy people? The world will prove it to you.
Do you believe money corrupts? The world will prove it to you.

Can you spot the trend? This is the simplest and most profound underlying fact of life. What you focus on, becomes.

You’ve got to use your imagination to move beyond that which is an old-proven-belief and create a new belief.

What if you believed money came easily into your life? The world will prove it to you.
What if you thought money could be used for good? The world will prove it to you.
What if you thought money were abundant and there was more than enough for everyone who tuned into it? The world will prove it to you.


Guess who the world is? You.

You are the world.

You think it’s out there, but it’s not out there. It’s in here.

The world is where these words are flowing into. Right into your consciousness, which cannot be objectified, explained, described, or anything. It can only be pointed at.

So let me sort this out for you a little more.

You are the world. You are the one who molds the perception of the world through your thoughts and beliefs.

Your beliefs are what shape the experience that you create. That’s why this is so important to realize. The world doesn’t happen independent of your beliefs. It happens because of them.

You are the center of the Universe, because you are the Universe.

Nothing happens outside of you. Think about it, really. You have one point of view and that’s it. Everything you’ve ever experienced in your entire life was all through you.

It’s all inside, but you forgot lol. No worries, we’ll gradually help each other remember. I mean, after all, there’s only one of us.


So do you believe money grows on trees? Well it can grow on trees in your life, metaphorically, if you chose to be optimistic and re-orient your focused thoughts on patterns which support feelings of ease, abundance, growth, wealth, and prosperity.

That’s how you know what you’re creating – by the way you feel.

The way you feel is the frequency you’re attracting into your life. Who is the frequency and where does it come from? Well, it’s the Infinite part of you! You’re Everything! Including this little point of view. And you know, deep within you, that you can tune your focus into any frequency of the All That Is.

Better said, you can tune yourself to any other part of you!

With your focus, you point into the direction of frequency that you wish to experience, and that’s how you’ve always created – even if you forgot that’s what you were doing. That’s simply how it works. It’s how you work. It’s how the laws of creation work.

Money is the same as everything else really. But this is an easy example to prod you into realizing you create everything. And you create according to very understandable laws which you can leverage.

If you don’t believe me, then the world will prove it to you. You will prove it to you. That’s the tricky part of being an Infinite Being. You are the only one who can fool yourself.

Happy spending!

– Tharyn

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