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The Path of Patience to Omega

First of all, I just wanted to thank you for reading and enjoying all of these musings of wisdom and shenanigans on There is no blog without readers, and I truly do appreciate you for being here with me. Thanks! Now, let’s be on with the news!

Much has shifted lately in my life and I think this summer will be the most transformational yet. Here is a quick update about what’s going on and what’s to come in the future.

Path of patience

Patience has been my teacher lately. When I arrived back in the US, after living in Southeast Asia for two years, I became too eager for what was next. I really wanted to just jump into something fast. I tried to push the manifestation into existence. It sort of drove me crazy. There were mood swings between confusion, excitement, and laziness. Luckily, that phase only lasted a little while.


Quickly enough, I realized that I was right where I needed to be. I had to remind myself that everything is always working out perfectly, even if I can’t see very far ahead of me. Just like driving a car at night, with just your headlights shining 30 ft in front of you. You have to trust that the road will continue after that. Well, let me say, the road continues into many beautiful places.


Long story short, I rendezvoused again with perfect place and time. I got a seasonal staff job at the Omega Institute as an audio & visual technician. Omega is a spiritual and educational wellness retreat in upstate New York. They host workshops with brilliant people like Eckart Tolle, Deepak Chopra, Brian Weiss, Adyashanti, and John of God. It’s safe to say the vibes are off the charts.

I’ll be here all summer, until October, on a journey of service and self exploration. As of writing this, I’ve only been here for two weeks, and already feel like a new person. My lessons have ranged from setting up a 20 channel mixing board to setting intentions of self love.

There will be more news given here as my journey expands. I’ve had a lot of exciting ideas and that’s what I want to share with you next. will become a Phoenix

This blog itself, will be going through many changes, as I myself transform from within. I have many new ideas about what this blog will become. Everything is a seedling still, but I just want to put the intention out there without too many details. You can expect a complete redesign and re-purposing soon. Everything will burn within itself to rise anew. The shift will focus and the energy will raise.

There is so much wisdom to share that I almost can’t contain it. I want to tell you more, but I must wait until the time is right.

Again, I want to thank you for reading. I thank you for having the courage to explore within yourself. You’re amazing. Please comment below any new ideas in your own life or how you learned from patience. :)

With light and joy,

  • Tharyn, first of all congratulations on your new job! I have some CD’s of Byron Katie who came from the Omega Institute, what an amazing place to work.

    It is so interesting (again) that you write about patience as I have been working on this myself this last few weeks (or has it been months), feeling so good and having a knowing that something is happening, I am feeling great, excited and inspired but I just can’t bear the suspense and wondering when and what is going to happen.

    As I write this I have to chuckle as it feels like the Universe is really having some fun with me – in a very loving and caring kind of way.

    This morning I have been meditating as well as tapping on being patient and enjoying each and every moment as that is all I have…..letting go of my need to know all the answers and rather allowing the universe to work its magic.

    A couple hours later I received an e-mail from a client, who I thought was out of the picture, wanting my service for their dream vacation.

    Things have been happening like this and I know it’s just going to get better.

    What I take from being patient is that when I am it makes my life so much more inspiring, peaceful and magical because when I am patient I am not living in my mind but rather allow the universe to move my life. (I hope this makes sense)

    Have a great summer at the Omega Institute Tharyn and keep up the great blog posts.

    – Ales

    • Wow Ales, That is a wonderful story. Patience can pay off big time, in the real world and in the mental world. It’s an ongoing lesson, on deeper and deeper levels. We’re learning at the same time haha.

      Also, Byron is coming this year. So that should be a fun workshop to be near. I am very excited for what’s around the corner, just as you said.

      Thanks for sharing! :)