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How Meditation Creates Space Between You and Thought

All things are thoughts

While I was guiding meditation the other day, I had a wonderful insight into the nature of thought. I basically saw that all things in life are thoughts. Thoughts are fleeting. Things are fleeting. Nothing is permanent. You can have this insight too.

Each thought is merely a possibility in the mind of God. You have the choice to pick any of them. Wherever you invest your focus or time, that thought expands. It moves closer to you. Eventually it comes so close that it manifests into your physical experience.

This is all just basic Law of Attraction 101 information though. And this is all just repeated wisdom from nearly every meditative tradition. It’s nothing new. However, during meditation I saw this concept in a very visual way and I wanted to share with you what that looked like.

You can imagine with me too…

1000 tv screens

Imagine you are sitting in a movie theater with only one seat. You are in that seat. In front of you are 1000 tv screens. Each one represents a single thought. You can watch any of them.

Tharyn's insights about thoughts and meditation
Each screen is a single thought that you can choose from. But you are in none of them.

Normally your face is right up against each thought-screen and you begin to identify with it. You think that particular view is yourself because that is what’s happening now. In meditation you learn to back up from the screens. When you backup from the constant stream of thoughts, you create space within yourself.

Space enough for you to sit back in that single seat and get a birds eye view, as I described before. Creating that little space allows you to see who you really are, as a silent observer apart from thought. Pure consciousness.

Believe it or not, you are not your thoughts. None of them. You actually exist separate from them. Anyone can realize this. That’s what we’re doing here together.


These are the insights I came upon today. I just thought you might enjoy a little bit of what goes on inside my meditations. Let me know in the comments below if this makes any sense, or if you have any of your own insights about the topic of thoughts and your identity.

You can also meditate with me by listening to my guided meditations here.

In joy,