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Here’s your Heart Center Healing Meditation. Enjoy!


Also check out Omvana

Tharyn mixer on Omvana

If you want to take your meditation to the next level with me, then you would love Omvana.

Omvana allows you to mix a vocal audio, such as a guided meditation or inspirational speech, with any ambient sound, binaural beat or music. Select from 1000s of tracks and mix and merge them to create millions of custom meditations. My very own Heart Center Healing meditation is available on Omvana for free. You can go ahead and mix it with LOTS of amazing background sounds, beats, and meditation music.

I absolutely love it. Omvana was created by Mindvalley and I am actually the guy who finds and gathers all of these amazing mediations and sounds. Yeah, it’s sort of a dream job. You can download Omvana from the App Store on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

Visit to download and learn more.

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Bonus Meditations

Oh and here are some more meditations that I made. Please enjoy them! :-)

Let me know what you think of the meditations, any experiences you had, or even questions about your practice in the comment section below.