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No Such Thing As Lack

It’s Easter day and the potatoes are rotten. We can’t have a proper dinner without spuds. My Dad sends me off to the grocery store for more and  I just want to stay home and keep playing with my friends in the best online gaming website you can imagine, if you have any tips just let me know and you Go Here for more information. but anyways I got ready and head out for more potatoes.

“Get some local Michigan ones if you can.” he calls out as I leave.

The day is bright. Birds are chirping under the blue sky. I don my black sunglasses for the drive. I am calmly focused on the mission at hand.

Things are easy.

The Store

As I walk in the grocery list flashes into my mind…

  1. Potatoes

I hope I don’t forget anything, I think to myself.

I don’t get a cart for fear that more things might jump into it.

In front of me the produce section beckons. I walk over to the rooted veggies and look for my local Michigan potatoes.

This one looks good. I pick it up the 5 lb bag and hold it like a child.

My eyes drift around, trying to think if we need anything else. The avocados call out with their near ripeness. One leaps into my hand. My grocery list doubles in size.

This is for me?

I look around again, noticing how many varieties of fruits and vegetables are available.

Where did these come from? I wonder. There’s soooo much! Wow, look at those carrots. And these squash. And I can just have them? Anything?

And then a wave of realization washed over me. Through me. Became me.

There is only abundance. Abundance is all there is.


My thoughts completely stilled. Everything became more, but not different.

I knew that it was all available. It was abundant. It was thriving. It was pure becoming. And I was the reason for it.

I knew that It – the Source – is a blooming flower, eager for the humming bird to drink its nectar.

I am the humming bird and the nectar is literally oozing out of every particle of existence. I saw how inherently abundant the world is.

No lack

I was gleeful. My attuned consciousness craved to see more of the blessings that surrounded me. It was all so fascinating.

Then I began walking around the store, noticing the aisles, taking it all in. The sheer magnitude of abundance oozed out of everything I looked at.

I saw and felt how Source feels. I knew what Source knows all the time… that there is no lack.

Every single item and product sang the song of unlimited abundance. And I tuned into it that music with my entire being and consciousness.

Content with this new expansion of awareness, I headed to checkout. I paid and drove home, contemplating the wisdom I was just offered.


I asked myself, Why is this so obvious? There is no lack, but it appears everywhere! It seems like people don’t have enough while there is SO MUCH AVAILABLE!

I wondered and fought with curiosity.

But that vibration, that realization, that knowing was beyond a fickle idea or belief that could be questioned. It was beyond fact. It was a complete knowing of the truth of things.

Lack is an illusion created by vibrational dissonance. That means lack is a choice.

Lack is like choosing not to eat while you’re at an all you can eat buffet.

However, it can easily be argued that people do not know how to eat at this buffet. And unfortunately many are not taught about their vibrational nature, their emotional connection with Source Energy, or their innate worthiness to be, do, or have anything they can imagine.

That is why lack seems so abundant, because people don’t understand how to tap into that Source Energy connection that they are equally entitled to.

That’s why I am here, on this Earth, to show people that anyone can tune into this consciousness and receive the tangible benefit in their lives. Source can accommodate the desires of every single person on this planet. There is no limitation. The only barrier is the one that people create with their thoughts and beliefs. I am here to show you that this barrier is very simple to overcome and that the grass is much greener on the other side.


I tuned into abundance. This is only one aspect of Source. It could just as easily be felt as a divine love or worthiness. And it did feel like those too. I felt like this infinite abundance was at my finger tips and always available – not just in this life or moment – but eternally.

I realized it was all for me. All available. All perfectly present. All for me.

And if you glimpse infinite abundance as I did at the grocery store, you will also realize, that there’s enough to go around for all of us.