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Reduce Your Suffering By Realizing The Essence of Desire

Have you ever found yourself bored with something that you wanted so badly beforehand? It was all you ever wanted! However, once you got it, the luster began to fade? This has happened to me recently in life and I spent some time deeply examining the energetic nature of this achievement effect.

For me, it became routine and writing. I wanted to have more time and space to focus on writing my upcoming book, From Your Higher Being. Well, too much free time becomes dreadfully boring. Now, I want to be out doing more active things with my time, because I believe being busy actually improves productivity and creativity. Now I want what I don’t have, which is the other side of this achievement effect.

Desire is not the root of all suffering

Well, upon closer examination, this is the exact principle that expands the Universe forward into the next infinite possibility. If we ever became content, we would stop the engine of creation — that is desire.

OMG THE “D” WORD! Most religions and teachers shun desire and degrade the natural tendency that is built into our being. A tendency that expands All That Is. Buddhism has declared that desire and aversion are the root cause of all suffering. I would agree this to be true as well (see my article on living in silence for 10 days practicing Vipassana meditation). However, there is a larger energetic principle at play here. I would more accurately state that resistance to suffering is suffering. Pain, loss, disillusionment, are all things that simply are. You may chose to be in resistance with what is or accept what is as part of your experience. Resistance is the true cause of suffering, not the external causes to which we blame suffering. (This could be another blog post unto itself, but let’s get back to desire.)

When you don’t understand this aspect of reality, you become disillusioned when material objects of desire do not fulfill your expectations. This causes suffering. Not because of desire, but because of resistance to what is — that your object of desire is not fulfilling. When you realize that desire moves you forward, and that your fulfillment lies in actually creating new desires and expanding into them. Then you can move through the achievement effect without disillusionment.

Desire teaches us the truth of fulfillment — that we are not content with external objects or experiences, but with creating beyond what is.

The instant you acquire, achieve, attain, and manifest anything, it begins losing ability to fulfill.

Achievement is still fulfilling, don’t get me wrong, but it does not last as long as we often expect it to. Go for desires! They are amazing. However, when you realize the following energetic principles around your innate urge to create, you will suffer less when you do achieve all of those beautiful goals you’ve created.

Worm wisdom

Allow me to explain the underlying vibrational mechanics of desire and expansion with the help of my little inch worm friend.

Expanding the Universe one inch at a time.
Expanding the Universe one inch at a time.

You’re like an inch worm. Look at how the inch worm moves — it expands forward. The back legs represent you now in the present moment. And the front legs are the future version of yourself, where all your goals and desires are waiting to manifest. Those dreams are already real, because you created them — your hopes, dreams, and aspirations, are all future realities held in the mind of Source. As time passes, you inch your present-version-self-back-legs towards your future-version-self-front-legs. That’s how you move, energetically, into all of your future goals and desires.

However, here’s the key point — you don’t stop moving. Never did you move your back legs into the front legs and stay all squished up. That would be like not expanding anymore, and your entire purpose is to expand! The reason you have any experience at all is because you’re not already in possession of everything you want. You need to keep moving your now-feet into your future-feet. That’s where fulfillment comes from — the movement between. The movement of Source energy becoming. If it wasn’t so fulfilling to create, there would be nothing.

Every inch you move is so fulfilling!

Look at the little animation above again. Do you see the back legs move towards the front ones? That small movement is the origin of ALL fulfillment in life. It’s where good feelings come from. You see, it’s not in the objects, it’s in the energy. You only do things because of the promise that they will feel good. Positive emotions are a vibrational indication within your body that whatever you’re doing in the present moment is actually moving your feet into your highest expansion. Moving you from now into your Higher Being.

See, your “not-having-it-now-ness” is the entire reason the Universe even exists. The Universe is an infinite journey with no destination and your life is a microcosm of that journey. The engine of expansion is built into your very blood — that is for you to experience contrast, spawn desire, and move towards your desire.

Then, when you do achieve the desire, you have become a vibrational match with said desire. You become one with the expanded part of the Universe that you created. Do you see? The edge of all creation is only right in front of the inch worm. The edge of All That Is, is right there in front of you. Creation demands you to expand, therefore lasting fulfillment from external attainments becomes impossible.

Reduce your suffering through realization

Let’s recap and realize. Desire is good for you. It’s expanding your Higher Being. You’re always on your way to even more beautiful scenery. The reason desire causes any suffering at all is because of resistance to the truth that achievements does not hold lasting fulfillment. That means, that if you begin to accept that transient flavor of your achievements, knowing that it will not last, then you will reduce your suffering. True suffering is a resistance to what is. Besides, you can experience suffering from a place of inner peace that knows what’s going on, without pain. Yes, you can suffer without pain.

Knowing the nature of your being as a vibrationally expanding individual is the key here. Spiritual traditions seek to transcend this and achieve something “better.” However, I believe that the highest wisdom is to be found by living as we are now — as fully embracing all of ourselves, desire included. By living in acceptance with the flow of all things. And in that perfect alignment, you may just find the same thing at the core of all religions, scriptures, and spiritual movements.

With all of my desire to create,


P.S. Have you ever had a time in your life that you achieved something and it sort of lost it’s attractiveness? What did that feel like? Write in the comments below.

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