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How To Steer The Momentum of Your Vibration

Do you ever feel like you can’t help but think the things you are thinking? The unwanted thoughts just keep popping into your head when you’re trying desperately to change your focus? Because you know that your thoughts attract your reality and you want to stop creating more negative stuff, but you’re stuck in the old?

Well, this post builds upon the idea of unconditional happiness, but with a new analogy to help you understand how vibrational momentum can really sway your thoughts into unwanted directions.

You can control your focus, but not necessarily the thoughts that arise. Thoughts are manifestations given to you according to your vibration. However, which thoughts you actually focus on is totally up to you. What you focus on grows. This is the key insight that can mean the difference between taking control of your life or living in constant reaction.

Your vibrational cruise ship

Think of your vibration as a huge luxury cruise ship (because you live in style). You are the captain of your vibration and you can always steer it – with your focus – in the direction of your choice. That is where your control ends. You do not have control over the thoughts that arise, which are represented by the water and weather your ship is in.

The momentum of your massive vibrational ship does not change course very quickly. You will still be headed in the direction you were going recently. It takes time to change course.

Your vibration is huge!

The waters below are the outside world. If you’re in the middle of a storm and you want to get out of it, well, you can’t… right now. The momentum is already carrying you.

This vibrational momentum will continue attracting into your life as you change course. You cannot expect the entire cruise ship to instantly turn 180 degrees and zoom out of the storm.

Where most people give up on “positive thoughts” or “The Secret” or the “Law of Attraction” is that they’ve gotten stuck in rough waters and then try to steer out of them for only a short time. When they give up on this, they let momentum decide their fate.

Wouldn’t it be silly to focus back into the storm and steer that way, just because it’s there? Well, that’s how you unconsciously steer your vibration, therefore attracting more of what is similar.

Learning to steer

The key is to map your course out of the storm and steer the ship in that direction with your focus. You know that you are steering in the right direction when you feel good. However, you cannot keep focusing on the turbulent stormy waters under you and wonder why you’re still stuck.

You must make peace with the fact that your momentum has taken you into a storm and then have faith that you can steer yourself out of it through good feelings. You have to set the course and ignore the storm. The storm is old momentum and the only way to attract new circumstances in your life is to focus on creating new momentum.

Most people give up because the momentum of their massive cruise ship is too much. They let life carry them haphazardly, randomly, and without any sense of control. It would be like sailing your ship by looking at the water right in front of you. Conscious creation is about using the advanced GPS of your feelings to know exactly which direction to go. If it feels good, steer that way. If it doesn’t feel good, steer your focus somewhere else.

Set a new course

Sometimes life puts you in a rut. Sometimes your ship seems to have a mind of its own. Sometimes there is no easy path from where you are, because the momentum has taken you too far already. These situations suck, but understanding that this is exactly how the law of attraction works can be a liberating insight.

Your focus is the rudder. Time is the propeller. Your vibration is the ship. Life is the great ocean. All of your control is in your focus.

The best way out is through your focus. Focus is your rudder, but it may take a long time to change course. Focus is your light of hope. You can change your focus 180 degrees instantly – that’s you setting a new course. However, the ship of your life will still take some time to reflect your 180 degree course change. This is where you have to be careful – do not let the waters under your ship distract your focus from the new destination – the new positive momentum. You will find your oasis sooner than you think.

To safe sailing,
– Tharyn

P.S. What methods, tools, or ideas have helped you weather a storm and find your way back into sunshine? Leave a comment below and share. :)