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About Tharyn & Universal Lifestyle Design

[box]It’s time to bring spiritual laws and concepts down to Earth
so we can use them to enhance our daily life in the modern world.[/box]

We’re all designing our lives to the best of our ability. Sometimes that’s consciously and sometimes that’s unconsciously. We’re all striving to become our best selves. We all want to achieve a level of happiness, luxury, and fulfillment. I believe that we can do all of this by pushing the idea of Lifestyle Design to the Universal level.

Lifestyle Design: The art and science of creating your life according to your desires as opposed to following the status quo.

The definition above is the distilled version I got from reading The 4 Hour Work-Week by Tim Ferriss – a book about redefining work, time management, productivity, and money to design a more fulfilling lifestyle. The author is one of my role models and his book fundamentally changed my life. My name’s Tharyn Taylor and I write about how we can apply the deeper spiritual mechanisms of reality on top of the modern world in order to shed limitations, expand consciousness, and thrive in the modern world.

We’ll do this through what I call…

Universal Lifestyle Design: The art and science of creating your life according to your desires through harmony and understanding of the deepest spiritual laws of the Universe.

It’s time to demystify the idea of being spiritual or not. Everything is spiritual in nature. Life is evolving so fast right now that science, culture, and spirituality are colliding into the same basic message: We’re all connected. And underlying that connection of all human experience are the fundamental subtle laws of the Universe. You used to call them spiritual laws, but they are becoming more than that. They are your everyday life.

I invite you to join me as I share my experiences living with awareness of these Universal laws . This is literally how I live now – in a perpetual state of conscious creation. That doesn’t mean I have superpowers or anything, but I am at least aware of what is happening around me. Here are just a few of the big and little things I’ve consciously watched unfold in my own life:

  1. I manifested a dream job in 2012 when I was accepted to be a part of the mindvalley team.
  2. Earning over $5,000 of scholarship money to study abroad in India and travel around the world.
  3. Doughnuts. Seriously, within hours, they came from out of nowhere!
  4. Several powerful relationships with perfect-match girls that took literally no effort (hint: art of allowing!).
  5. Business partnerships that resulted in tons of money, travel, and life experience.
  6. Once, I approached a cafe counter with no money, wanting a coffee, and the man in front of me offered to pay without knowing I had nothing. (This little stuff happens all the time.)
  7. Incredibly fulfilling friendships wherever I go that span thousands of miles and years of time.

You may think, oh those aren’t a big deal, or he got lucky, or any other rational reason. The point is, it doesn’t matter what the reason is. Everything is about understanding the subtle Universal laws and allowing them to work in your favor. Those manifestations included plenty of “coincidence” and “luck” from an outside perspective. However, from my point of view, they were my own creations in partnership with the highest laws of nature. Luck is an excuse people use to ignore their unlimited creative potential.

The Secret was only the tip of the iceburg

There’s a lot of mystery and confusion still surrounding the law of attraction. The Secret was only the beginning. It was a watered down, first-grade version, of the deepest mechanisms of creation that every single person uses every moment of every day.

This blog and website are my own insights and realizations through the past seven years of my journey into the deepest mechanisms of Universal law. I’ve come to world-shattering conclusions about my spirituality, the law of attraction, and living in the modern world. Everything is changing now and it’s time to wake up to your full inner potential as a human being on this Earth.


True awakening is to become conscious of your innate ability to create in harmony with the laws of the Universe — to create fulfillment in every area of your life.

I believe that upon the core of our inner knowingness — that we are One with Source or God — that we can begin to consciously participate in the design of all aspects of our lives. When we know the power that we were born with, then we can really begin to create incredible lifestyles. Not just material gains, but truly fulfilling spiritual realizations, grand life experiences, and everything else that is for our highest good.

This is the journey I am inviting you on. I want to show you, through my own life’s example, the ramifications of integrating your spiritual understanding into every aspect of life: health, wealth, relationships, career, and wisdom. This is how I am architecting a life with an expanding consciousness of universal proportions.

Core beliefs

Here are a few of my core beliefs and values, which I apply to my own life, and everything I write here for you. This will help you see if we’re a good match for each other. I believe…

  1. Life is fun, easy, and fundamentally awesome.
  2. Life is difficult, painful, and still fundamentally awesome.
  3. I am an energetic being first, and a physical being second.
  4. We are all connected through a Divine Higher Being.
  5. Sex, money, and Earthly pleasures are amazing.
  6. No matter what happens, I am never less than.
  7. Kindness is my highest practice.

If anything on this list resonates with you, then you’re in the right place. Those are the feelings I wish to immerse you in — the feelings that make you say, “Hell Yeah!” It’s time to bring spiritual laws and concepts down to Earth so we can use them to enhance our daily lives in the modern world. Universal Lifestyle Design is about harnessing positive psychology, scientific inquiry, and heart centered faith to architect the life experience of your highest good.

What to do next

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With infinite radiance,
-Tharyn Taylor