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How Inspired Action Accelerates Your Life

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Your car can go 150 MPH in any direction you want.

Take a moment to think about how incredibly complex and precise a cars machinery is. The combustion engine, (or electric in the above case), transmission system, steering column, break lines, and everything else inside the cabin that makes it smooth and comfortable. Can you begin to fathom how many little pieces are working together to move you from point A to point B? It’s a miracle on four wheels!

Your life is a similarly complex miracle. But instead of a few hundred horse power, we’re equipped with an engine that can create worlds and ignite stars.

Your universal engine

Now, how do you drive your car? Do you get under the hood and begin pulling levers and belts and pistons inside the engine? Do you take control of each tiny moving part and make sure it’s doing it’s job properly? Are you even capable of managing thousands of moving pieces?

Wouldn’t you rather just sit back and guide the direction and speed of the engine. Let the engine do all the heavy work. Well, the engine is the universe at large. The universe has a grand awareness of where each moving piece is at. Your number one job while driving is to let the universe take care of the details.

Inspired Action vs. Forceful Action

In order to take inspired action, all you need to do is steer, accelerate, or break. You steer with your feelings and focus. You speed up and slow down by taking action or knowing when to take a step back.

Steering is the most important part. If you’re positive and feeling good, then you’re going in the right direction. Now is the time to speed up. Accelerate towards your destination by taking inspired action. Careful though, you only want to keep doing this while it feels right. If you hit a snag, or veer into a ditch of doubt, fear, or worry, then stop accelerating and start breaking your universal engine.

That engine is moving forward and it’s going to give you exactly what you’re focused on. The universe is powerful and it’s going to give you whatever you’re tuned to. So if you’re accelerating into a field of wild skunks by accident, it’s going to be an bumpy and smelly ride. But the engine gives it’s power freely, whether you know how to drive or not.

They're so cute! Don't run them over!
They’re so cute! Don’t run them over!

Don’t worry though! You’re still learning to drive, and you know what to do. So you break. You take it easy on the action-taking acceleration. Whatever subject it was that took you off your path, step away. Relax. Get a cup of coco. It’s okay. You deserve it.

Point the steering wheel of your focus back towards anything that feels good to you. That is your inner GPS that will guide you and your universal engine in the right direction.

My own ditch

Even I forget how to drive sometimes. After returning home from nearly two years of living in Southeast Asia, I hit some bumps. I lost my purpose – or it changed, and since I returned I was becoming too caught up and worrisome about what’s next. My mind reached for some purpose or certainty of what to do next. I over worried and tried taking a lot of action in order to compensate for my utter confusion. This was the most unproductive type of action… oops.

Do not accelerate!

The last thing you want to do while in that field of skunks or ditch is get out of your car and start forcing the engine to be in the right place (like I did). Imagine that… You’re trying to get your car to be some place that it is not by going under the hood and adjusting things you really have no idea about. That is exactly what it’s like to “effort” from a negative energetic place. Your attraction point is awful. And if you do manage to move the car, guess where you are and what direction you’re going. Field of skunks.

After wallowing in my own confusion far too long, and with the help of certain universal fairies, I realized my blunder. My GPS was telling me the whole time to do a U-turn, but I wasn’t listening. When I did hear it, I stopped accelerating, stopped trying to fix things, and began loving myself, forgiving my driving habits, and staying present.

Your GPS rocks

The magical ability to step back, relax, and allow your GPS to tell you where to focus, is the only guidance you need. If you release your need to be somewhere you are not, then you will automagically be guided towards action that will point your car to the right path.

So now, you’ve stopped taking unproductive action. You stopped accelerating through that dirty field of smelly skunks. And you’ve aligned yourself, your focus, with your inner feeling GPS, towards a better feeling place. And now you start accelerating. Awesome! Your car will begin to move right back onto the road. You will be entirely surprised to see that the road was hidden only a few feet away behind some bushes.

Now you are working with the engine of the universe. The engine of worlds and stars. Everything is now in alignment. You feel good. You’re focusing nicely. You’re taking inspired action in your life and accelerating forward. The universal engine is lining you up with amazing new opportunities, outcomes, and people. Now you’re really driving. Now you’re in control. Now you’re alive.

Now, we’re going in the right direction. :)


PS. Leave a comment about your own car, when you overcame a field of skunks, or even if you need some help getting out of one. Reply below.

This article was inspired by Abraham Hicks while listening to her talk about inspired action. You can hear her own brief car example here in this video: