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How You Attract Information In A Vibrational Universe

Whenever you’re trying to understand anything that is as huge as all of the Universe, or as huge as all eternity, all you have to do is bring it back to something simple that you do understand, and ask the questions and apply them. And then you can understand the Whole. Everything that’s true of the Whole is true of the individual.

—Abraham Hicks

Let’s talk about the nature of information. First off, it’s important to understand that our language must change and adapt with our spiritual evolution and the concepts that grow from our ever-new understanding of the world around us. That’s why I’m writing about vibration and energy and using these terms to describe new ideas.

As we move through experience in the world, we learn and grow from the things we see. This happens to everyone naturally through life. You already know this. Now, I want to go a little deeper into the way we acquire new knowledge.

This particular concept has been observed in my own life for many years. As I became more curious about the finer details of life, new knowledge has come to me at a pace that I was able to digest it. This is the first principle of information.

You will not understands until your ready

There is actually quite a lot of information available in today’s world, on our Earth, that most people are simply not ready to understand yet. Even some things and concepts I write about on this blog are ahead of their time for many people. For example, the nature of changing physical reality through deliberate focus of your consciousness. It is only now becoming common place to even speak of manipulating the physical world with mental faculties.

I began asking questions like this, and even bigger ones, when I was in high school. Since then, I have been given many answers to things that most people would think un-answerable. As I kept learning more, my curiosity only increased, and I asked more. However, I could only attract new and higher concepts as I digested and experienced though life the ones that I had recently absorbed.

The same goes for any profession or expertise and is a perfect example for understanding this principle. Just as one starts with the basics of math before they go into Algerbra and calculus, one must start with the basics of how experience is shaped first too.

Earth’s exciting Information Age

However, when it comes to mental and spiritual development, the time scale is often not just weeks or years, but entire lifetimes. (A mere speck of time at the universal level.) The exciting part though, is that in our Information Age, and in Earth’s current global evolvement, new knowledge is being asked for and supplied at the fastest rate in all of human history. It’s actually the most exciting thing in the universe to witness right now.

Whether that’s scientific knowledge, history,  academics, or universal spiritual knowledge. It’s all being asked for faster than ever. And given too. You see, as soon as you ask for new understanding, part of your infinite self instantly says YES! Yes, and when you ask, the universe literally re-arrganges itself through the law of attraction in order to give you this information through the path of lease resistance.

All things are a vibrational frequency

All things, including physical objects, emotions, thoughts, and information are vibrational in nature. This is a fundamental truth in the universe that earth and it’s populace are just beginning to understand. You may already agree, or be learning, but you’re definitely in the right place to learn more. (Because I can’t stop writing about awesome concepts like this! hehe.)

This is where the golden key of information comes in. Since information is also vibrational, you can not attract information you are not a match to. If you’re not ready to accept something, that is fine, there is nothing wrong with it, the universe will simply not place it into your experience yet.

Many people are simply not ready to hear these things. I wish they were, and I hope they become more curious, and I know they will. It is only a matter of time. Life is patient and moving perfectly.

My recent experience as an example

I have recently been reading and attracting a lot of information related to extraterrestrially intelligent beings. Yes, aliens. I’ve been curious about the phenomena for years, but only recently have I been ready to learn more. And through my curiosity and desire, I have attracted unique information that I would have never been able to receive or digest previously.

It is a subject of great controversy and cursoity for many human beings on our planet at this time. However, many people are not up to speed with digesting the ramifications of alien life, or their involvement throughout human history. Earth is more intricately involved in the galactic community than many people can imagine, but the information is there. There has been given much knowledge to Earth about their presence. If only you asked, it would come to you.

Things that would blow your mind completely off. I think this is the greatest adventure of all. Attracting this information and understanding the bigger picture is so fun. There is so much to learn and I believe the next century of human civlization will be the funniest ever. We will come to terms with our vibrational nature and enter into a community that is broader than our wildest dreams. I can not wait, because I am in the middle of it. You are too and I’m glad we’re in this together.

To the moon!