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How I Tuned Into The Vibration of God’s Subtle Love & Joy

Last night while driving I tuned so closely to the vibration of well-being that I nearly started crying with joy… like how is this even possible? How is this joy so free? So available? So omnipresent? It’s everywhere, overlaid on everything.

How could anyone miss this? How did I miss it?

It’s so impossible to describe the subtle delight and power that is right under our noses. All it takes are a few thoughts one after another that simply reach for more positive feelings.

It’s a habit of positive thinking. A habit of trust. A habit of fun. Simple habits of thought will reveal to you the treasure that billions of religious devotees around the world seek. What we all truly seek. We seek love. And yet the divine comedy is that we will never find that love outside, because the only love that will satisfy us is the realization of the true nature of our being.

That’s what I tuned into. And you can too.

People often think spiritual gifts are innate and some people have it, and some don’t. But the truth is, anyone can develop their spiritual faculties of awareness. I never grew up in a special heightened state of awareness. I didn’t even have a thought about who I really was until I was 18 years old. And when I learned that people around the world were having direct personal experiences of God, I wanted in on it.

After years of asking questions, reading books, meditating, and most importantly, cultivating my thought-habits, I began having deep spiritual realizations and epiphanies about the nature of myself.

Now awakening

The funny part actually is how far removed the status quo is from normal. It’s actually normal to feel good nearly all of the time. It’s normal that a grand sense of well-being premeates your experience. It’s normal for synchronisities to constantly surprise and delight you. It’s normal to be in touch with your broader Self – your Higher Being – your Source Self. It’s normal to use your thoughts and mind to shape your life.

EVERYTHING ELSE ISN’T NORMAL!!! It’s a distortion of reality!

But you can only see this once you get to “the other side.” Because when you taste the vibration of ever-present-well-being it becomes your oxygen. It becomes obvious. Everything becomes clear. God said it was good. And holy shit, it’s GOOD.

Good God!

As I continued to drive my car, the feeling crept up on me. It was so subtle, yet so dominant. It soothed my thoughts and they were nearly still. A smile dawned upon my face and I kept driving, hyper-alert of everything around me, and looking out my car. And it was unfathomable that anything could be “bad.” My perspective merged with the way Source sees creation. Source knows how infinitely good every particle of existence is. And so did I.

And so can you. It’s all about your intention to do so. This vibration is ever available for you and for all. I promise.

With all of my joyous love,

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