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It Just Is

It just is.

I was recently with a friend when it happened. Yes, it happened.

I almost couldn’t stop laughing.

“This is it?”

He replied, “Yeah, this is it.”

“What do I do next?” I asked.

He naturally replied, “Anything you want.”

Are you serious? I thought.

I should write this down. What do I write?

So I pulled out my phone and wrote:

“It just is. It just is. It just is. It just is. It just is. It just is. It just is. It just is. It just is.”

I wrote so that I could hold on to it.

And by hold on to it, I mean put it inside my mind.

Words are just mind on the outside.

But it wouldn’t fit.

This doesn’t fit in the mind. It doesn’t fit in words. It just is.

How could this be I thought? But still, it was.

And I sat there completely astonished.

Nothing could be this simple… except it was that simple. It just is.

I asked my friend, “Who should we tell? We could tell people.”

He smiled. “Sure, if you want to. You can do anything.”

I sat back, mouth open, laughing inside my racing heart.

This is too simple. I don’t even get it.

Then I laughed more. There’s nothing to get. It just is.

And gradually it all moved on and it still was.

And I went home that night, feeling it all, wondering about it all, amazed by it all.

I asked myself, “Is that it?”


It just is.