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How I Discovered Unconditional Happiness

I’ve been struggling with my vibration lately. But in this world of contrasting experiences I like to remember the gifts and lessons in each experience, whether loathed or loved. I was in a bad habit of getting down on myself. Every self deprecating thought about myself was viscerally acknowledged in my body as hot anger and flushes of frustration radiating from my core. Each wave of feeling was showing me who I am being in relation to my true self. Each feeling giving me the experience to chose from. Do I wish to think like this, act like this, and feel like this? Do I wish my external reality to attract according to these vibrations? These are the most important questions I’ve asked myself lately.

We all go through shit and will continue to go through more shit our entires lives. The question is, how much awareness do you have through it all? Can you begin to notice the subject of your negative thoughts? Why are you looking at that situation in a negative way? What thought patterns or hidden beliefs are causing your focus on that particular subject to produce negative feelings? Moreover, how can you shift your focus into a place of happiness without ideal conditions in the external world?


Let’s do a brief recap about vibration in the context of this post. I was recently very focused on things in my outer world that I did not want. I just kept looking at the unwanted and thinking about how stupid I was for not being able to “get it right.” Whatever that means…

My self deprecating thoughts were causing an unharmonious vibrational signal in my heart. What is this signal unharmonious with? Well, if my individual vibration was the only signal that there was, then I wouldn’t feel anything. Feeling is the difference between my signal and my Higher Being’s signal. My Higher Being — aka my Soul, my Source, my Oneness, my God — only knows my highest wellbeing, expansion, and goodness. My Highest Self never focuses otherwise, therefore giving me the reference point for which my feelings operate upon. It’s easy to see in the picture below.

There are two vibrations. You and your Higher Being. All of your feelings are the result of the difference between those two signals. Harmony vs disharmony.
You are always aware of two vibrations. You and your Higher Being. All of your feelings are the result of the difference between those two signals. Harmony & disharmony.

My thoughts totally out of alignment with how my Higher Being thought of me. Therefore my experience reflected that state of being. It is required by law — the law of attraction. Like vibrations attract like experiences. So that thing that I kept focusing on, which made me feel bad about myself, just got stronger in the external world — so that I could see it. It was not to punish me, but to show me – to stop focusing on it and therefore stop creating it. This is a terribly annoying paradox.

The more we focus on something, the bigger it gets, regardless of whether we want it or not.

This is what causes negative spirals in the first place. If I look at something unwanted it will gives rise to negative thoughts of lack, self deprecation, and guilt, therefore causing my attractive vibration to bring me more things unwanted. The way out of this paradoxical hell is to become aware of my focus and to move it in the direction of things that feel better. This will reinforce positive beliefs and patterns, thereby creating a positive vibration and attracting desired life experiences.

Didn’t know it then

I didn’t realize any of this while I was trapped in those lower vibrations. I couldn’t find the solution when I was in the midst of the problem. That would be like trying to create a detailed painting while off-roading on a four-wheeler. Big nope. Wisdom is often found after the fact when you chill out, your vibration rebounds, and you’re in a place of allowing insight to shine within.

Then I realized, after some vibrational tweaking, that I was trapped in negative focusing. I kept focusing on insignificant unwanted details and then, to make it worse, I tried to fix my problems in the same mindset. So I would see the problem, feel bad about it, and then try to fix the external condition in order to feel better.

Huge mistake. That’s not how creation works at all.

Becoming unconditional

This is the brilliant realization that I gleaned from the toil of that negative episode. It happened while listening to one of my dearest teachers, Abraham Hicks. If I am to hold my feelings hostage by outer circumstances, then I can never change anything about them. The circumstance will fuel a negative thought pattern, therefore activating more of the unwanted vibration, and then life will give me who I am being and show me who I am creating — a negative self in response to unwanted external circumstances.

This is conditional creation. I saw the underlying negative focus, the patterns on this subject, and what I needed to do. I needed to get unconditional instead of conditional. I had to stop looking at the world for my excuse to feel good and start feeling good for the purpose of feeling good. I needed to find unconditional happiness.

Happy for no reason, like this little guy. :)
Happy for no reason, like this little guy. :)

Inner happiness

This takes practice and effort, but can be done. People often look for things that make them happy. Relationships, community, jobs, objects, money, and even purpose. This was huge for me. I can’t even rely on purpose for my happiness. That’s as deep as it goes (or as deep as I’ve been thus far), that even life purpose is a condition upon which society has taught me to rely on for a sense of happiness.

Nothing is a source of happiness outside of our own joy of simply being alive. Everything else is conditional and temporary. Everything else outside of us does not give happiness, but triggers the happiness that is our true nature. Nothing outside is required to feel this inner happiness. Absolutely nothing. Happiness is truly our birthright. Why do you think babies are so happy?

Not to say outer worldly things aren’t great, or give happiness, but they can only possibly enter your experience in order to show you who you are. And if you’re not happy first, then those things aren’t going to give it up. You gotta be happy and then life will show you the evidence of your happiness externally.

Inner happiness is alignment with your Higher Being. When your signal matches that Infinite part of you, then you feel the response as joy in your heart. You can align with it, feel it, talk to it, explore it, and gradually become it. It is Source. It is God within you. That is what true unconditional love means. It’s unconditional self love that we all truly seek.

… and all else will be added unto you. (Matthew 6:33) This is one of the most vibrationally accurate parts of the Bible.


Full circle

I am beginning to come full circle, from my origin on the path seeking enlightenment, to seeking material success through the laws of attraction, and now meshing those two competing world-views into an exponentially more effective way of life. It is truly Universal Lifestyle Design at its core. A reality that I can chose and create for myself in any given moment when I invite the fullness of Source’s infinite happiness into my focus. Then, through that lens, I can enjoy the boon of unconditional love and all that the Universe has to offer.

It is a gradual journey. If you’ve read this, then you’re right here with me. I gently invite you to question the recurring thought patterns in your life. What external circumstances have you misinterpreted as sources of happiness that you must have before you can be happy? What unconscious thought patterns are preventing your expression of simply being happy for no reason? Ask yourself the tough questions and you might be rewarded with a giant smile at the smug fact that you’re enough by just being alive – because you are.

With happiness beyond condition,

P.S.: Have you seen thought patterns in your own life that were no longer serving you? Have you been able to find happiness for no reason, even for a moment? Leave a comment below and let me know. :)