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What Does Your Vibrational Cake Look Like?

When you vibrate, the world has to match you. The outer world does not create you. You create the outer world. Everything you see “out there” is a vibrationally accurate result of what’s going on “in there.”

You’ve practiced your vibration in all areas of your life. You’re like a layer cake. Yum… Your vibration is like a layer cake of attractive forces. The layers of your cake are the primary areas of importance in your life. They are, in order of importance, your Spiritual Connection, Health, Love/Relationships, Career/Purpose, and Finances.

Yum, cake…

In this analogy, each of the layers of your vibrational cake can be described with two metrics: magnitude and quality. Depending on these two metrics, your outer life will reflect, and attract to you, exactly how you are vibrating within each layer of your cake of life.

Life is delicious.
Life is delicious.

The first aspect, magnitude, is the strength of attractive power. Your magnitude depends on how much of your focus you have put into that area. The magnitude is also influenced by positive beliefs (thought patterns) and negative beliefs (thought patterns). Magnitude is also a balance between letting go of outcomes and taking inspired action. I do not mean to fool you into focusing on something to death. You can not focus a new car into your driveway. There is an art form to magnitude alone.

The second aspect is quality, which describes the frequency you’re tuning into when you chose to focus. The outside Universe does not care what quality you tune into, just like a radio does not care which frequency station you tune into to listen. Quality is a judgment based on your preference – your creative freedom. No one else can decide the quality of experience you wish to tune into. You are the one who choses what to attract. However, the key here is to become aware that you even can chose. This will be difficult on Earth, because no one taught you this sort of knowledge before, in which case many inaccurate and negative conditionings have already taken root. Therefore, you must become aware of the quality of experiences and results in which you find yourself in life.

Energetic Magnitude + Quality of Frequency = Outer Reflections in a given Layer

The first step is awareness. That’s what this cake is all about. Again, the five layers of your vibrational cake are, Spiritual Connection, Health, Love/Relationships, Career/Purpose, and Finances. Which area of life do you want to improve? What is your magnitude there? What quality of vibration are you giving out, and therefore receiving? Let’s have some real life examples.

Examples of Magnitude and Quality

Here are a few examples about what it might be like to have certain magnitudes and qualities in your cake.

High magnitude. High quality. Finances.
Money actually does grow on trees for you. You naturally attract a lot of money without very much effort. It just falls into your lap. Perhaps through beneficial business maneuvers, very good stock picks, or even the lottery. It doesn’t matter how. The fact that a lot of money has come very easily to you is a clear indication of high magnitude and high quality. Your beliefs are probably very conducive to the abundance of the world and you are in alignment with the belief that you deserve good things. Your desire for money and the belief that you can have it are very solid.

Low magnitude. High quality. Romantic relationships.
You do not find love very often, but when you do, it’s amazing. It may not last long, because your focus is not very strong in this area. Yours or their circumstances might not permit a long term relationship. Your partner may have to move away or you may have to. It doesn’t matter how – it’s the essence that tells the story. However, it will be amazing and you will wish it lasted longer. Balancing your ability to allow and make consciously inspired effort into this area is necessary to recreate a lasting romantic partner. Work and other areas of your life will need to be stable and balanced in order to sustain a lasting romantic relationship like this. Your vibration around being loved and your ability to love yourself are likely very strong.

High magnitude. Low quality. Health.
When it rains, it pours. Same applies in a rainy day when going out for a walk, so you should wear Vessi Footwear to avoid injuries. You might find this in someone who is generally afraid that everything in the outside world is trying to kill them. They know the statistics on every known cause of death. They are afraid of being stabbed walking home. They may believe that a single GMO carrot will be the final nail in their coffin. They often avoid doing things because the potential for germs to infect them. It might cause cancer, watch out! The high magnitude of energy is caused by someone who thinks about this far too often. Avoiding these things for safety is fine. However, thinking about impending doom every day will bring death to their doorstep, because they are tuned into fear, insecurity, sickness, and bodily harm, of course is important to take care of health with exercise, diet and even supplements you can find about at the reportshealthcare site, but is not necessary to making of health the principal worry of our lives. They emit these thoughts every day in every situation. That’s a lot of energy (magnitude), tuned into fear (quality). The results are obvious when you are aware of the energetic laws of creation.

Low magnitude. Low quality. Spiritual Connection.
This is not a very ideal place to be. If you’re reading this, you’re probably not in this realm. This is someone who has no curiosity for how they came to be, why they are here, and overall what the meaning of life is. This type of person is likely terrified of dying. When they are forced into these questions, they are usually based in a lower quality frequency. This would include thoughts based in fear, separation, and skepticism about many of these concepts. The world will naturally reply with exactly what they are believing. That is the paradoxical key to understanding the law of energetics. The Universe responds to belief, because it responds to energy, and if their beliefs (energetic emitting pattern) are that of no divinity, no miracles, and no light, then the Universe will show that to them. The outer world is your inner world. Period.

Let’s eat! – Five Layers Exercise

Now you have some solid examples of your layer cake in energetic action. Understanding the energetics of your life is extremely important to creating consciously. We’re all in this together and I wish you the highest vibration on every layer of your cake. Therefore, I have create a quick exercise for you to do. You can identify your cake in just a few minutes.

You may chose to do your own quick Layer Cake exercise to determine where you’re at in life. This is only a snapshot, so don’t worry. You may change and feel differently about your situation as you evolve. The snapshot is a tool to help you identify where your weaknesses are. Then you can begin to improve your focus and thoughts around that area.

Rate your magnitude and quality on a scale of 1 to 5.
1 = Very low.
2 = Low.
3 = Average.
4 = High.
5 = Very High.

When rating quality, it’s your own judgment. Do you enjoy the quality of your thoughts in that layer? Do they feel good? If they don’t feel good, they’re probably low quality.

Spiritual Connection





If you find that your magnitude is low, then ask, am I not focusing on this enough? Is it okay that I have not put much focus into it? Sometimes you have more important things to focus on. Sometimes romantic love is not your priority in life. Sometimes finances are not the focus. It all varies.

If you find that your quality is low, then you should begin improving your frequency on that layer immediately. There is no excuse or reason to keep an unwanted frequency in any of these area of life. You do not have to hold on to beliefs and thought patterns that no longer serve you. If your thoughts are based in fear and do not feel good when you think them, then it’s time to halt that pattern and practice a new one. Awareness is the first step.

Energetic Magnitude + Quality of Frequency = Outer Reflections in a given Layer

When done, you’re invited to share your chart in the comments below, or ask questions. I am willing to give my own 2 cents on any of the areas of your life if you ask. Comment or email me.

In the highest of vibration,