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Tune The Universe To Your Desire

Every moment you are giving off a signal.

Every moment you are lining up with an experience of a similar signal.

The universe is inclusive. It does not give you what you want. It gives you what you are.

Now you must decide. You must make the decision that, in this moment, you will do your best to give off the signal that you want to get back.

What do you want to get back?

You just tune in.

Just get this one thing…. It’s sort of huge. Are you ready?

You can’t make anything go away. You can only make something become present. You tune INTO frequencies.

When you worry about not having enough money, you tune into lack of money. The universe has no choice but to give you that in return.

When you think about feeling of financial security (even if it’s not present), then you tune into money. You will begin to get that in return – as long as you leave the worry habit alone.

You can not be tuned into what you do not want, and experience what you do want. It’s impossible.

Don’t you love that it all works by law? Isn’t it nice to know that you create through solid, unwavering, perfect laws of the mechanics of the world around you?

You can not push against something enough to make it go away, because pushing against is tuning in. And now you know that tuning in gives it back to you.

Wow, go you!

A new dawn

I heard about the law of attraction nearly six years ago and I finally got this. I finally viscerally, in my bones, in my blood, understood this. Like a beam of light pouring through a storm.

It’s all inclusive! It took my feet from under me!

Worry and doubt bring forth manifested worry and realized doubt. I had been worrying too much. I had doubted myself too much. Even after years of study, I was still doing the same old thing. Misusing my precious now-thought-focus. Missing the point so many times.

It’s okay though. What I realized recently will be another tool in my arsenal of feeling good in the now. But it will only serve me as long as I practice it. That’s the real work. Real life, in-the-moment, practice. Real, living, wisdom.

I just wanted to share this quick realization and post with you. You may get it. You may not. But you can surely practice it beginning now. And when it hits you, like it hit me, you might begin laughing uncontrollably. Then you’ll know how silly you were being!

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