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present moment stillness

There Are No Problems Right Now

I used to attend a meditation circle at my university. A friend of mine once told the story of his great realization that: “There are no problems.”

He said that in meditation it simply occured to him and at that moment he was overflowed with an incredible joy. So much so that he began laughing hysterically… for nearly an entire day. Everything just made him laugh with an abundant joy.

Of course there are no problems.

Now I am beginning to see that this point is exactly what I had wrong all along. I thought I had a problem. A problem with my mind and that the mind itself was a problem. Therefore, I meditated to solve it, and that would take me to enlightenment. Boy did I have it wrong (and probably still do a little bit).

I’ve recently watched two videos that have completely blown my mind. That’s not speaking lightly… something profound is happening to me lately. Change is in the air.

The first video I watched last night after meditation, by famous spiritual teacher Eckart Tolle. He realized me that the space behind the present moment is truly what I have been seeking. And also that seeking this is futile, since it’s already here.


Right here.

Right now.

Between the words.

Now, I must begin allowing.

Enjoy (and then there is a 2nd shorter 10 min video below).

(Update Sept 22, 2013: They took down the first video of Tolle for copyright infringement. It was called “The Secret of Happiness” or something. I don’t remember the original clip, so I couldn’t replace it. You can just youtube search for anything by Tolle and it will probably be amazing haha. Sorry about that.)

This Is It!

Here’s the second video. A short 10 min clip about Right Now given by American spiritual teacher Adyashanti. It’s very profound and just reinforced what I had absorbed last night. It’s all One right here in this perfect moment. The beautiful now.

Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Enjoy.