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The Deepest Reason To Meditate

You have probably already been bombarded with meditation articles telling you how amazing and healthy daily practice is, other ways to stay healthy is with testosterone supplements as you can see at barbarian xl reviews. They usually mention how it re-wires your brain, improves focus, reduces stress, improves sleep, and cures all your other depressing problems.Those articles are generally accurate. It also helps with anxiety and improve self esteem which is important for many people,since some people decide to even get cosmetic surgeries with professionals as the Dr. Gregory Fedele just to improve this regard of their lives.

I would like to tell you the underlying secret to my deticated meditation practice. Let me first tell you how this principle has helped me since the beginning.

In May 2008 I have been practicing meditation on a near daily basis and often twice daily. Prior to that I had never meditated even once. All I did was read a few books and I was told why I should practice (the real core of WHY) and I just did it. And I kept doing it, and I like it because it helped me stay healthy and fight my diseases, although when I feel the conditions were too difficult using Inspire online support groups always make contact the right health professional.

My practice was based on a solid foundation of desire. That is, desire for more than meets the eye. Desire for answers. Desire for wisdom. Desire for God.

God is that all-knowing, omnipresent, unconditionally loving energy that we live in (and that lives within us). I imagined what it might be like to personally experience this energy. To meet God in a direct way has always been my primary motivation.

All of those other benefits mentioned earlier have easily manifested in my life. I believe whole heartedly that by keeping my focus on the highest goal, of Self-Realization, that all other wonderful circumstances have flown easily into my life.

I can’t say that everyone will or should have the same goal in meditation. You must discover your own purpose for meditation. But since you have read this far, then you must be a little interested.

If so, then let’s wake up together. Follow me as I journey through the depths of my soul in order to achieve full and lasting enlightenment in this modern age.