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Sex and Money Are Awesome

Unless you’ve been living in a monastery your whole life, then sex and money have probably consumed a lot of your thought. Me too. Being a very inquisitive and spiritual person most of my life has created unique perspectives on these two hot topics. Sex and money.

I think most people are very confused about these two taboos. That’s not a very hard statement to make in today’s chaotic world where it’s okay to watch extreme violence on primetime TV, but too much side boob will unleash the wrath of conservative mothers everywhere (by everywhere, I mean Alabama).


Regardless of how much side boob and under butt you’ve been exposed to, I wanted to share with you a more optimistic view of these subjects. I just kept thinking a lot about life and since life focuses a great deal on sex and money, I thought about them too (I swear it had nothing to do with being an 18 year old juvenile delinquent with raging hormones).

I realized our world has extremely distorted beliefs, stigmas, and taboos around these two hot topics. World, why are you so silly? One of the overriding themes about both sex and money I noticed was this:

Everyone wants it, but they don’t want others to think they want it too much.

After much consideration and to the woe of society, I decided to create my own beliefs about these subjects. Here they are.

1. Sex and money are neither good nor bad

Contrary to popular belief, these subjects are both very neutral. Depending on how they are painted by the observer, one will consider them either evil, corrupt, and unfair, or ecstatic, liberating, and delicious.

However, the societal slant is generally bad. If you have too much money or too much sex then you’re just a greedy pervert.

What does too much even mean?

We’ll, ‘too much,’ depends on each individual person. Everyone has their own idea of what too much is based on their own experience. Then they use their own idea of too much to judge other people.

For example, “I make $3,000 a month and get laid once a week.” might look at someone else who is “I make $300,000 a month and I get laid daily.” and then judge them for making “too much” love.

This entire judgment process that society goes through is flawed to the core. One can not have too much money or too much sex. One can only have just the perfect amount of money and the perfect amount of sex as decided for them by themselves.

2. Screw what everyone else thinks!

(This advice actually improves every aspect of your life, not just love and cash.)

People are quick to judge others before admitting their own faults or failed dreams.

Many people become jealous of others who are more prosperous than they are. They say, “Well he cheated to get that much money” or “She would sleep with anyone.” Rather than asking, how can I improve myself?

Let’s go through a quick emotional thought experiment. Follow me here. Which thought feels better as you read it?

Thought #1:
“That wealthy couple are having so much fun together, getting on in their Jacuzzi, snuggling in their leather Eames chair, and rolling all over their 1500 thread count Egyptian cotton bed sheets. Good for them. I would like to enjoy it like they do too. How can I move towards that kind of experience?”

Thought #2:
“That wealthy couple are having so much fun together, getting on in their Jacuzzi, snuggling in their leather Eames chair, and rolling all over their 1500 thread count Egyptian cotton bed sheets. They must have lied and cheated to make that much money and now they are just exploiting each other for sex and rolling in sin. Curse them and their money and their pleasure.”

Vitra Eames Chair Papillon Interiors 3
It’s so soft…

It’s very clear which of these thoughts is constructive or destructive.

If you find that your thoughts sway towards the latter, then I suggest you begin to re-think your world, because you will not thrive in those areas of life that you condemn.

When you choose a negative slant towards sex and money, you choke off the flow of their energy into your life. Money is energy moving and can enable so many amazing experiences for you and your loved ones. Sex is also moving energy within the bodies of you and your partner, which can be used to express, heal, and create.

Let go

As I said before, sex and money are not good or bad. They are as you choose to see them. I personally feel that sex and money are amazingly fun experiences of life and should be celebrated. Most people would probably agree with me. I doubt many of you are extremists in these realms but take the lesson even on a moderate level. Watch your own judgments towards these subjects and see if you can let go and heal them further.

Let go of old stigmas laid out by society on people who have abused money and sex. Yes, there are greedy people. Yes, there are creeps. They have their own views about money and sex, but why in the world would you let someone like that form the basis of YOUR belief.

It’s your belief that makes your reality. Now go make some love.

  • Sebastiaan


    First of all, I agree with picture 1.

    Second of all, I agree with the headline of the post: Sex and money are awesome. Well, sex is awesome, what you can do with your money is awesome :-)

    And I haven’t owned the statement that both are awesome all my life though.
    And I’m also not where I want to be on both topics 100%.

    But, being a coach myself, and having had massive challenges in these areas,
    I have spend tens of thousands of dollars on getting coached on both topics by high-level coaches. So both topics (and manifestation) are of great passion.

    Some things I learned:

    In order to have all the sex and money you want (manifest it, if you will) you’ll have to believe on all levels that it’s awesome (or better said, that you deserve to have all the money and sex you want -AND, with whom is important too- and that it’s safe and completely beneficial for you)

    Because when you on a deeper, subconscious level don’t believe that S&M are awesome, you’ll sabotage yourself and you end up not having it.


    No money AND no honey.

    Uncovering this subconscious resistance to believing money and sex are awesome (or, better said: figuring out why sex and money may not be safe and completely beneficial for you) is where the magic lies.

    You may ask yourself, “what is not safe about having x amount (say for example, twice as much as you have now) of money?”

    You might come up with answers like:

    -people won’t like me anymore
    -people will think I’m greedy
    -I won’t be able to relate to my friends anymore
    -my peers might abandon me
    -I’ll be bored cause I won’t know what to do with my life anymore

    Another way of asking this question (now targeted at sex) would be:

    “What is the downside to having all the sex I want?”

    I bet most people answer “Nothing, you moron!”

    But think deeper. You may come up with answers like:

    -I won’t have any time for my work anymore
    -I might end up getting a woman pregnant/become pregnant (if you’re a woman…)
    -I might be looked down upon
    -Friends might be jealous
    -I may be judged negatively by X
    -My relationship with X might change

    Once you have these answers, you want to start dissecting them. Challenging them. Making fun of them. Ridiculing them. Seeing them in a different light. You’ll want to get rid of the validity of those beliefs. And from that place, you can start to choose new, more healthy beliefs.


    Negative belief: People won’t like me anymore when I’m wealthy

    Is that true?
    Since it didn’t happen yet, can you absolutely know it’ll be true for you?
    Have you ever thought something was going to happen for sure, and then it didn’t?
    Could the opposite be true too?
    Could it be that they don’t even notice it that much?
    Or do you need to brag about it?
    And hey, if they’re important people in your life, won’t you expect their support of you expanding?
    What if it actually inspires people?
    What if it’s not that they won’t like you anymore, but they actually become more curious about you, and get to know you more, and as they get to know you more, they realize how awesome you are, and get to like you even more?
    What if…

    You can keep doing this for a while. But you just want to get yourself to doubt the negative limiting belief so you can start shifting it to a positive supportive belief that feels good for you.

    Such as:

    “The people that matter to me will like me just as much when I’m wealthy and I may even inspire them to create what they want for their lives”

    That way you’ll start manifesting the money and sex (quality or quantity) you want.

    The weird looking, yet extremely effective emotional release technique EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques, see google) speeds up this process tremendously.

    Enjoy the money and sex, you greedy pervs!

    • Hey Sebastiaan, this is awesome. You just doubled the quantity and quality of this post lol. My favorite part that you said is the positive thought train for reprogramming old beliefs or doubts.

      Because they do happen. They are happening to me now. What if people think this …. about me, or that about me…. what if they don’t approve. What if I am making a mistake about this or that.

      Flipping the thought train into new possibilities is powerful. Thanks! And yeah, I have a bunch of EFT training on my computer I haven’t gone through yet. Maybe you can show me sometime. Thanks man!

  • Hi Tharyn,

    nice and important post, and I agree very much with its general message.

    One thought is worth adding:
    As we know, the state of happiness is not proportional to the amount of money/sex we have. Once there is passed a certain threshold of quantity, neither does lead to more happiness or a fulfilled life. So it is worth considering something like Thought #3:

    “That wealthy couple are having so much fun together, getting on in their Jacuzzi, snuggling in their leather Eames chair, and rolling all over their 1500 thread count Egyptian cotton bed sheets. Good for them. Would my state of happiness increase if I would have the same?”

    I wouldn’t write a comment like this on a normal business blog, but as you are not minding the gap between business and spirituality, it’s IMO worth taking into account states of unconditional happiness.

    That being said, I think sex can be a very spiritual tool as well, and is able to bring you there when done right.

    • Yeah, “Would my state of happiness increase if I would have the same?” is a good point. I like it. These ideas aren’t for everyone, but if it increases their happiness, then I think it is. :)

  • Daniel Travolto

    the misconception is that sex or money IS happiness… true happiness can not be attained within the physical realm

    • Yeah, I agree, people mistake them as being happiness. They are not in and of themselves happiness. When you are happy first, then those positive experiences flow into your life.

      • Daniel Travolto

        listening to sadhguru or mooji they say once you achieved that kind of blissful happyness you stop being interested in these other things… i can imagine that to be very true.. i have also become less and less interested in sex since being in pursuit of real spiritual happiness