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Panache Desai Shows Me How To Love Myself Unconditionally

Over the past week I have had the joyous pleasure to be in the energy of an amazing teacher. A new teacher, who has come at the perfect time, to push me into even deeper depths of my soul. He showed me places inside that I could not have seen sooner and places that will continue to be explored in the future – the darkest and most rejected parts of Tharyn.

His name is Panache Desai and I had the chance to be part of his live workshop at the Omega Institute. My job at Omega is to record workshops and assist in the audio systems of the room. During which, I was able to explore new realms of my spirit through Panache’s soothing English accent, ridiculous blunt humor, and vibrant loving heart.

Panache Desai sharing his vision of world infected with pure love.

The workshop – Awakening Your Soul Signature – was amongst the most powerful experiences I’ve had here so far. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what Panache’s message is, but here are some of the most powerful insights I experienced. They will paint a clearer picture for you.

Holding love

Panache’s words were only half of the story. He didn’t teach from his mind. Instead, he held a steady vibration of loving wholeness. When you enter that space, you are forced to face those parts of you that are not whole and not loved by you. When you enter that all encompassing love, you are shown yourself in your wholeness – including all of those emotions and experiences that you are rejecting. Love does not reject any part of you. The kinks in your vibration are brought forth, into awareness, within the body in the present moment.

Kinks being those emotions, memories, traumas, self judgments, and anything else that you have not fully allowed to be. Love does not reject anything. However, you can still reject and push away. That is how you pinch the flow of love off. Throughout Panache’s workshop, he will shine light on all of you, so that you may see yourself in your fullness. So that you may begin to experience that Divine Unconditional Love.

No one can hurt you

Other people can not hurt you. They can only remind you of the pain in your past that you have not allowed and accepted. All of the pain associated with any abuse in the past comes up in the present. Any part that you have rejected will stay locked inside and continue to surface in life through people, circumstances, and events. The pain wants to be released, but you just won’t let it go.

Letting it go simply means watching the emotion arise and accepting it. Feel the emotion fully in the moment. Allow it to consume your body and feel it all. Cry a thousand tears. Feel the fire in your chest. Let your stomach twist into an untieable knot. The true way to release these uncomfortable feelings is to watch them with the same loving eye as God. He is unconditionally loving every part of your being, no matter what’s happening to you. When you move into that awareness, you can feel your emotions fully without trapping them inside of yourself.

Everything outside of you is just a reflection of what’s going on inside of you. Unconscious and repressed emotional energy will always show up in your experience until you embrace it. No one has ever assaulted you in your entire life. They have just showed up and played the role of that part inside of you which you have not embraced. You keep rejecting. Love rejects nothing.

“No one can assault you. They can only trigger pain that is already inside that you haven’t embraced yet.” –Panache Desai


The teacher within

During the first day of the workshop, I realized how Panache was just a figment of my inner teacher. That teacher which is inside of me, whispering wisdom from the depths of my soul. I realized it when I noticed my own presence in this workshop, at this time in my life. How perfect it all was. I imagined the random timeline of events which I could have never planned or foreseen. Only Universal Intelligence could have orchestrated all of what was unfolding in front of my eyes. That Divine essence within me, which loves me so much, and was so perfectly responding to the vibration that I was putting out.

I saw how clearly what was in front of me actually matches the vibration within myself. Evidence of the inner dialogue that I have with myself on a daily basis. A direct manifestation of the inner teacher that guides me with every step. Panache was simply a reflection of that inner teacher within myself. I realized that he was not “out there.” He was actually just playing the role of that energy within me – that spiritual teacher energy. I have created such a strong vibration of spiritual curiosity that my outer world has no choice but to reflect that. And poof! There he is. So obvious, yet so subtle.

You can see by the sheer unfolding of my life. Everything that’s happening to me is a reflection of my inner state. If you’ve followed my blog for a while, you can see the evolution of awareness that has been occurring. If you can see that in me, then you are also seeing it in you too. If you are reading this now, you are simply witnessing the vibration of spiritual curiosity becoming manifest in your own experience. I am not outside of you. I am inside of you.

With all of my giggly loving joy,
From within you,


Discovering Your Soul Signature

If you’re interested in learning more, definitely grab Panache’s new book – Discovering Your Soul Signature: A 33-Day Path to Purpose, Passion & Joy. Some friends here and I just began our own 33 day journey as well. Comment or message me if you decide to begin one too.

Check out Panache’s new book.