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A Glimpse Tharyn

My Veggie Wrap Spiritual Experience

Tonight, a few hours ago, I was sitting at the mumak (local food joint near mindvalley office) with my friend and colleague Matej.

We were both just eating. Keeping a nice calm conversation. Small talk.

I had just bought a Subway veggie wrap with honey mustard as usual.

And then I look down at the wrap in my hands, as I am about to take a bite, it happens.

What happens?


I just SEE it. As it is.

Just like that, it’s so calm.

The mind completely turns off and there’s nothing but what is.

Just the moment in all of it’s VIVID variety.

The experience felt like I remembered something.

Like I remembered how I naturally am.

I looked at my hands. Inspected them to see my reality more closely.

Without filters of the mind.

Just pureness. Pure color. Pure skin. Pure vibrancy.

Then I continued looking at Matej. I saw his face and I knew I was talking to God.

I just occurred to me, as if it was normal.

Oh, we’re like here, doing this stuff together, and you’re God and I’m God looking at you.

These thoughts were extremely controlled. Not enforced, but offered.

As if I picked them up.

Then I continued the conversation with him. I said things without thinking.

It was effortless. Not like most speaking exchanges. The words just happened instantly. As if they were just the right words.

That’s what they felt like too. It felt perfect.

And then I fell back in gradually, because I began thinking of what to say and do again.

Because his words triggered my minds response. It was subtle and harsh, like pulling a drape over my eyes again.

The subtlest drape you could ever imagine.

We continued to eat and enjoy. I was chill. I was happy. I was now.

It wasn’t like anything big happened. It was just a glimpse of clarity.

Back to the world though. Thoughts and things and events going on.

A world of labels and human meanings. A different layer of experience. A few minutes passed.

Then again, I remembered.

It popped again so naturally, as if I had a large degree of control over it. As if I could chose to stay there.

In that place of no-mind.

And I felt a lightness of perfection about life. Like it was easy right now.

That’s it.

Anyways, I just want to clarify. This was not a grand spiritual experience that mystics write about, seeing visions of light and love, and feeling the expansion of the universe within.

Not like that at all.

Not a Hollywood experience.

No hallucinations or extra stuff. Nothing spectacular.

No visions and no spiritual powers.

It was simple…

I just let go. Or it let go of me. And happening was all that was.

No fireworks. Just the same real life, but REALER.

It was real and it was easy. It was natural and it was simple. It was pure beingness.

To end, I would like to describe my thought process in writing this blog post.

I experienced something beyond the mind and then came back here, sat down, and used the mind to write about it.

So it’s like a crazy trail of my thoughts as I try to paint you a picture.

However, I believe all of you will begin experiencing similar clarity. We are evolving quickly on Earth now.

This same clarity has happened to me before, so this isn’t the first time, but I really felt compelled to share this time.

Because I believe this is the direction of everyone who begins to awaken to their true identity.

This is only the beginning of a wonderful expansion, in my own life, and yours.

We are God and we love it.

With love & light,


PS. For your own spiritual experience, try the honey mustard. (Results may vary)