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How Only 3 Months at Mindvalley has Changed My Life

Renewed passion

I’ve been here at Mindvalley for only 3 months now. Within that time, I feel as if my personal transformation has been years. Now more than ever, I am discovering what my true passions are: meditation with God, personal effectiveness, success and meaning in business, social media for spreading positivity, creative writing, and teh tarik.

Teh tarik is my new addiction!

People of Mindvalley

Besides local Malaysian beverages, I want to attribute my unfolding wisdom to the people around me. The caliber of my new friends and colleagues is sky high. Their presence alone drives me forward at lightning speed. Their openness and support keep me grounded as I experiment with myself, thus resulting in even faster self discovery.

One thing I notice is that around them I feel safe. We are in this together. They are growing too. We are skyrocketing together in this unique place. This shared experience, I believe is what has allowed me to more fully express my true self.

Let’s talk about the weather…

You see, during college, I did not have a lot of opportunity to express my truest self. I was a moderate introvert who mostly disliked sports, I also dislike bars, drinking, and mundane conversations about Jersey Shore. It’s not that I couldn’t hold  a thrilling conversation about the weather, but that I dreaded the superficial feeling of it. Any extraneous social activity that I perceived to be a massive waste of time was to be avoided at all costs.

At the same time, I learned a lot. I spent my nights reading books about the afterlife, Himalayan yogis, and mind expanding sci-fi novels. My greatest interest was to figure out what was happening within me. I joined a few local meditation groups and sought out meaningful friendships whose depth was on a soul level.

My most loyal friend was the infinite horizon of information and learning, also known as the Internet. I consumed every documentary on spirituality, nature, quantum physics, metaphysics, social issues, the afterlife, culture, societal dynamics, the law of attraction, religion, etc.

And I loved every moment of it. All four years of college prepared and shaped who I was to become in this moment, here at Mindvalley.

Freedom to be

Around all of these brilliant people at Mindvalley, I am beginning to feel comfortable expressing my truest self. Many of my colleagues and friends are actually interested in very similar subjects. I don’t feel judged either. It’s like no matter what I do or say from a genuine place, they will accept.

Mindvalley and Tharyn having fun
Discovering our inner-ninja at the Mindvalley Team Retreat

I have begun to see the places where I held back before, in my previous life. Times and situations where I cared what other people thought about me. Still I care sometimes, but I feel free to experiment with being someone totally new, different, and improved. My true self.

It is freedom. I used to give others the control. Wondering what they think about me. Now I am closer to liberation in this respect by being and discovering who I am. And I look forward to expressing new parts of myself that perhaps were hidden before.

Thank you Mindvalley.

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Share below in the comments your own experience of and event or circumstance that lead you to act more like your genuine self. =]