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Explore New Horizons With Tharyn in 2015

I was recently at a local Goodwill browsing through their book section. Usually when visiting I skip the book section because it seems like mostly worn out romance novels. Well, I was bored and waiting for my Dad, who takes forever looking at everything, so I started browsing the disorganized book shelves. Low and behold, a gem popped out! I found the acclaimed book by David Schwartz, The Magic Of Thinking Big.

If you haven’t already read this book, you should definitely check it out. The title says it all —  along with the fact that several million copies have been sold. It’s a powerful way to start your new year in 2015 and it’s exactly how I have begun. This year is going to be huge and I think you should also set your sights high. Big changes are happening and I’m ready to share some exciting news with you. Here’s my invitation to join me for a kick ass 2015!

Tharyn’s visions for 2015

I want to share with you my new visions, blog goals, personal resolutions, and how you can join me this year in creating a fantastic 2015. Everything’s going to be different because 2014 was full of so much growth that I am now ready to unleash some seriously good vibes into the world.

First of all, there are two huge announcements coming up here at the beginning of the year.

  1. I will be self publishing my book, From Your Higher Being, this month or in February. I won’t rush it, but I will say it’s right on the edge of manifestation for you. Make sure you’re on the email list to hear more about that. An official announcement will arrive shortly.
  2. There will be a complete redefinition of what I’m talking about and teaching. It’s called Universal Lifestyle Design and you’ll hear a lot about it very soon. Just imagine designing a thriving lifestyle through universal awareness.

Blog goals

Here are some of my tactical and specific goals related to the blog for 2015.

  1. My biggest goal for the blog is to write something amazing every two weeks, with the eventual goal to give you new posts every single week. Check out the list of topics below to see what’s in store.
  2. Have my new book in the hands of 50,000 people.
  3. Grow the blog’s subscriber list to 10,000 people.

Personal goals

My personal resolutions for 2015 are about health and creation. I made just a few important resolutions that were realistic so that I would be setting myself up for success. Simplicity and early wins are only ways to produce a consistent positive behavioral change.

  • No more coffee. It gives me the jitters and interrupts my sleep. I’ll be experimenting with decaf and lightly caffeinated tea instead.
  • Exercise 4-5 times a week (which I’ve actually already been doing since November). Already winning!
  • Work on my book every day until it’s ready for publishing. I find myself with good writing sprints and then days without writing anything. In 2015 I want this to be different. I believe consistency is the key to a swift release date for you.
First red pen marks on the 4th revision of my book.


The sneak peek

Finally, here’s a sneak peek for you. I have tons of new ideas related to Universal Lifestyle Design that you can look forward to as I redefine what I’m creating with this blog:

  • How to build confidence as a spiritual practice.
  • How to radically interrupt your mind in order to directly experience the Now.
  • Strange vegetarian diet ideas for optimal brain function, energy levels, and overall well-being.
  • Reviews of several books, fiction & nonfiction, that I’ve fallen in love with over the past few years and what practical advice you can take from them through my personal experience applying their wisdom.
  • How to rock a morning routine with stretching, energy movements, visualizations, and self talk in order to kickstart your day.
  • Taking a deeper look into the energetic principles that keep your bad habits going, how to interrupt them, and re-install positive behavior.
  • My own tales of attracting meaningful romantic relationships and avoiding pointless hardship. And how to really go deep into seeing the lessons life offers in these extremely emotional situations.
  • Consciously communicating with stubborn, ignorant, arrogant, or otherwise unreceptive people. This is the ultimate spiritual practice — not of thinking you are self righteous, but of cultivating a sense of Oneness and compassion, because there is a huge difference and you don’t want to inflate your ego.
  • My experiments in conscious financial budgeting and how to appreciate a single dollar in order to bring hundreds more.
  • Finding your ideal employment (or self-employment). This will be an exciting one as I have successfully manifested so many great opportunities in my life, such as a free study abroad trip to India for 6 months, finding my dream job at Mindvalley, moving to Thailand, and discovering home away from home at the Omega Institute.
  • Why productivity is a lie and how to redefine your beliefs around getting stuff done in order to let the Universe do the heavy lifting.
  • And finally, tons of deep insight about integrating your spiritual practice into the real world so that you may ascend to the highest levels of fulfillment within your Being.

I need your help

It’s going to be a wild year with tons of life experiments, spiritual lessons, and overall joy. If you’ve read through this post, then perhaps you can help me create an amazing 2015 for you. According to this new direction, what problems or issues do you have that you would like me to write about? What areas of your life are you focusing on in 2015 and how can I help you improve them? Please leave your response in the comments below and let me know.


It’s going to be an epic year and I look forward to every moment of it. This is how excited I am:



To a smashing 2015,