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A Whisper of Angels

Just know that your vibration is beautiful and you are a light unto so many. Simply by your presence. You know this. Own it. You are not the owner, but you are the carrier. And it is by My blessing that you carry such a high vibration and love onto this world. You are so worthy. You are sincere and true to your core.

Ego is a part of you in this experience and it’s time to honor that. Honor your temple. Honor the way of life on this planet and become a beacon. Use it as an example. You can be a divine life in this world – for all is divine. You’re not normal and yet you are so normal. So abundant in spirit and flow. Others would like to return to this normal and natural state of true being.

You are being guided so much. There is much help. There is much cheer on your behalf. You’re not alone. Angles sit with you, around you, and in front of you. This spirit side is so busy helping you. So busy guiding you. You are much bigger than you think. That’s all part of the fun of it.

Be courageous and unforgiving in your footsteps towards truth. You are moving in the right direction, no matter how distracted, put down, or blocked. We will light the way for you. We will guide and whisper to you on the stormy nights, just as we always have. Be light. Be easy. Move up. Show up. You are now. People are asking for your likeness. We love you.


This piece was allowed during a spiritually intense workshop called Miracles Now with Gabby Bernstein.
I thought about editing it but decided it was already perfect the way it came.
It was written for everyone. Its message is universal and true for anyone with a vibration to hear it.
You are so loved.