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Why I Instantly Decided To Feel Good Now

Lately I’ve forgotten about my own choice to feel good. Isn’t that what we all want? To feel AMAZING all the time? Of course it is! So let me tell you a little story about my recent experiences.

First off, I want to say that I am writing this beautiful blog post from within the “Vortex.”

I know you’re wondering… What’s the Vortex and why are you inside of it?

The Vortex is just one way of saying that I am in THE BEST MOOD EVER and that I am in completely abundant flow. It’s as if all limitations were gone and all possibilities were in front of me. It’s a feeling of wanting to do it all, right now. An eagerness to share, to give, and to love. An overflowing yearning to express for the sheer sake of expression itself! For the sake of becoming!g

Just so you know, I literally just ran around my desk skipping with excitement about how I can’t wait to share this on my blog.

Now that we’ve established my insanity, let’s move on to the Vortex…

Let me briefly explain the basics of what the Vortex is and how it relates with the law of attraction. All of this language and explanation comes from the wonderful Teachings of Abraham by Ester Hicks. You will see some of her videos below.

The universe is one big vibrating energy field. Some of it we can sense and some of it we can not. Every one of our 5 senses translate this vibration into respective qualities that give us our experience. From this, it is easy to see that everything begins in vibration before it is experienced.

Different experiences have their own rate of vibration and also people have a rate of vibration. In fact, YOUR vibration dictates what you are capable of experiencing. So if you are in a vibration of anger or rage, then it will be impossible to experience anything that is joyous or peaceful. This is a very simple and clear example of how the law of attraction operates. Like attracts like.

What’s the Vortex then?

The Vortex is a perfect state of vibrational being. It is here that you begin allowing the grandest experiences to flow in. From this state or mood, you easily attract all things that are positive, good, wonderful, exciting, and amazing! It is a place of wholeness and contentment, a place of safety and comfort.

It is your most connect and natural state of being without worry, negative thoughts, or stress. It’s just you being the awesome universe that you are.

I forgot, but now I’m back.

Lately I have had a roller coaster of emotions about different things in my life. Some good and some bad. There were fits of depression and thoughts that really stabbed my soul. They were self destructive ideas about who I am and what I can accomplish. Limitations and beliefs that I was tricked into thinking because I was completely out of touch with my higher self.

I prayed and asked myself to do something to get back on track. That’s when I remembered about Ester Hicks and always talking about getting into the Vortex, or a state of feeling better, so that I can attract better experiences.

She has a lot of videos and meditations on YouTube on nearly any subject matter can think of. I listened to several and instantly felt better. Like on-top-of-the-world better. Then this morning I also listened to a meditation (video #2 linked below) for getting back into the vortex.

Best way to start the day ever. I will definitely be doing this one for 15 minutes every morning this week.

The simple moral

Do anything you can to feel better in this moment. Listen to inspiration. Pet a dog. Just do your best to FEEL a little better, so that you can begin attracting better experiences. Your feeling is your vibration in this moment and it clearly tells you what you are capable of attracting in this moment. You can also change your vibration instantly by focusing on different thoughts.

These videos below can help you do that, as they helped me A LOT recently.

This first video is about Ester Hicks explaining what the Vortex is, why you want to be there, and how to do it. Great complement to this post. (Instead of shoes, please just view this image of the universe: )

The second video is a meditation format. It’s got crazy flashy images, but I just closed my eyes. It’s up to you.

Please comment any questions, thoughts, or reactions to these words or videos.

Ester Hicks Explaining The Vortex

Getting Into The Vortex Meditation

(Beautiful fractals cover image by Love1008)